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Because it takes more than a pretty website to succeed, I provide my clients with additional services to help them: clarify their brands, create effective sales strategies, design inviting opt-ins, teach to groups digitally, send addictive newsletters, and write copy that nurtures true connection.


I tell stories in ways that connect deeply.

My clients don't have typical businesses, so they don't need typical marketing copy.

They have stories to tell about their journey and the impact they want to make in the lives of others. Crafting their stories requires skilled expertise because (as you may have discovered—if you've tried to DIY it) it's very easy to veer off point and stuff your website with so many thoughts that you confuse the reader about what your selling.

I'll help you avoid that. In fact, I'll be really stubborn about it. Because here's the reality...

If people can't easily understand exactly what you do and why it matters, you will have a very hard time growing a thriving business.

Your story—woven into every single page of your website—is what sets you apart. It's what establishes your credibility. It's what gives your brand real depth.

A beautifully written website will legitimize your business in ways that slick marketing tricks simply can't touch. P.S. Great copy is an essential part of your site's SEO as well:)

While my friend raved about your copywriting abilities, I experienced, first-hand, how masterful you are with words. You made the text on my website feel personable and easy to relate to.
— Jen Stanley // From Scratch Wellness

// starts at $1500

A clear brand message feels so good because...

It tells your story and evokes real connection with your audience.
It captivates customers and builds trust.
It aligns your expertise with your business vision.

But most importantly, it makes you feel proud which gives you the confidence to do bold things with your business. 

At the end of our two-week journey you'll have:

+ web and print logo files
+ web and print brand symbol files
+ a printable personality palette to refer to for brand consistency (contains your brand roadmap to help keep your vibe cohesive across all your marketing channels).
+ organized, easy-to-access art assets

// $1000

Email marketing builds great relationships.

And those relationships can be the foundation of your online business.

Here's what I'll do for you:

+ make sure every page on your website has an effective email opt-in portal, so you can start gathering email leads immediately

+ design your email template within Mailchimp so you're ready to start corresponding brilliantly and beautifully with your subscribers

+ set up your list in Mailchimp and connect it to your Squarespace website

+ create a Thank You page for your website and redirect newcomers to it so you can personally welcome them into your world and get them connected with you on your favorite social platforms (it's such a gracious thing to do and so often overlooked)

+ customize the language in your email on boarding forms so the experience feels personal to new subscribers

+ one hour of personal online screen share training to learn how to use Mailchimp via a one-on-one screen share conference.

// $500

Ready to expand your business & income with online courses & a membership site?

Then it's time to create your digital classroom on your Squarespace website. Your members will enjoy the structure, simplicity (and peace and quiet) of your online home complete with:

+ subscriber level options
+ individual password creation and easy password retrieval
+ a wide variety of learning possibilities (audios, videos, worksheet downloads, and personal connection with you and other members

To keep students moving in the right direction, I'll also set up an automated email drip sequence that can function like this: 

  • A new member joins from your website and is automatically directed to the member welcome page  
  • They receive personalized course on-boarding instructions from you and begin the online course
  • At intervals customized to your curriculum, emails will arrive that contains the outline of each module and a prompt to take the member to your classroom page where they can access the lesson materials.

You'll enjoy the simplicity of pulling this together as I:

+ design your member login and module pages
+ edit your curriculum copy so it flows cleanly
+ create gorgeous worksheets - (unlimited pages can be added)
+ set up your email sequence in Mailchimp
+ clean up your email copy so it's concise and engaging
+ architect an organized file structure for your materials
+ integrate your secure membership paywall
+ train you to use and maintain all aspects of your membership site with personal sessions via a one-on-one screen share conference

//Contact us for a custom quote    

Give a valuable gift in exchange for a customer.

Email inboxes are busy (often stressful) places. Your job is to stand out as someone who truly cares and shows up with valuable resources every time you send an email.

Start things off on the right foot by giving a gorgeous gift that positions you as an elegant, kind, and professional expert.

Your pdf ebook is designed to showcase your uniqueness so people feel compelled to open your emails when they arrive.

I'll design your five page* ebook so you look like a pro:

+ pages lovingly spaced and paced so your content is easy to read, absorb, and take action with

+ technical magic in the design process so your document looks great on desktop and mobile devices

+ active links and fill-in-the-blank sections so your document functions like an interactive mini-website 

+ a bio page filled with guidance so your new lead knows exactly what you'd like her to do next

// $300 (* additional pages may be added at $45 per page)


deana business2.jpg

On call business coaching & consulting. 

Sometimes you need an extra brain and an experienced outside perspective to help align, strategize, and troubleshoot key areas of your business for increased focus, ease, and momentum. 


Because spinning your wheels and staying stuck is expensive and depressing.

For several brisk weeks, you'll have my full attention as I help you take inventory of your brightest ideas and best opportunities. Together we'll discover and create a plan for the priorities that matter most to your business right now.

I'll also give you a behind-the-scenes peek at my business and share resources, templates, and guidance in the specific area/s you need it most. 

I can help you:

+ identify your customer niche so your messaging is on point
+ strategize + implement a sales funnel that works
+ organize + plan your opt-in freebie
+ learn the exact tools you need to have in place to thrive
+ get hands-on training in marketing areas you need help with
+ take meaningful action to get your new business started
+ learn how to start a blog to support your business
+ untangle your products and pricing matrix
+ set up back end systems to automate your business
+ create a schedule or work-flow that fits your current bandwidth, personality, and values

This is not a curriculum. It's a flexible journey.

Each week we'll dive in right where you are.

Just starting out? Wonderful.
Been at a while and ready to regroup? I've got you.

// $1300 (8 SESSIONS  let's do this!)

I'll send simple tips to help you take down-to-earth action with your Squarespace website & business!

Sign up below & I'll see you on Wednesday:)