How To Create A Simple Editorial Calendar

how to set up an editorial calendar for your blog

Ready for another simple content marketing 101 lesson?

I hope so because today I'm sharing how I set up my editorial calendar. This handy tool is something I dreaded creating because I thought it would add a layer of complication to my life and business. 

However, the OPPOSITE has happened! 

The beauty of my editorial calendar:

  • It's given me structure (which creative, soulful people need. We seriously do.)
  • It's meant less chronic decision-making (which is typically the root of my stress).
  • It's a road map for dark times when I just want to busy myself with passive action - a sneaky thing I do to distract myself from completely freaking out during business plateaus.
  • It's helped me become consistently useful to my audience and clients - which is the heartbeat of my business.

If you're new to my content marketing blog series, here's what we've covered so far:

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2. Who You Should Be Marketing To
3. What to Write About On Your Blog
4. What You Need To Know About Categories + Tags

Today, I'm trying something new. VIDEO!
(Disclaimer: this experiment is totally at the edge of my comfort zone:)

Because I'm visual, I tend to learn much faster when someone shows me rather than gives me a list of directions. Just a heads up, the video is about ten minutes long so go grab a cup of tea before you hit play.

The Cliff Notes:

  • I created a Google Sheet within Google Drive.
  • It's just a bunch of columns. You can make columns:)
  • Helps you keep track of marketing experiments + publishing notes.
  • Can see which days of the week are great days to publish to your audience.
  • Customize your calendar to fit your publishing schedule and marketing plan!