My To-Do List Strategy For Busy Times

I work. I'm a mom. I'm a wife. I have coaching clients. I make websites. 

Keeping my to-do list from steamrolling me is something I'm constantly managing. 

But sometimes things get clogged.

Take this week, for example. On Monday I had a tsunami of tasks whirling around my brain when I woke up:

  • Don't forget to respond to Tiffani, Jaime, Hillary, Jen, Heide, Barbara, Pat, Kelly, and Marisa.
  • Complete the CES site.
  • Bake Isabel's birthday cake...and Moe's.
  • Write the blog post.
  • Review client homework before their sessions.
  • Wrap birthday gifts. 
  • Send mom's care package.
  • Get form notarized at the bank.
  • Complete phase one of client's new site.
  • Get with my programmer to troubleshoot an issue.

It went on and on and on.

I woke up at 6:45 and by 7:00 I was a basket case trying to run air traffic control for the thoughts whizzing around my brain.

Since I'm a life coach I've long since decided I'm not going to live a stressful life and I employ a variety of purposeful and conscious strategies to help me navigate times like this.

In today's video, you get a peek into my week's to-do storm and how I created a simple plan to navigate it.

Did I succeed? 

Well, it's Thursday as I write. 

Thanks to some unexpected things like: an impromptu sesh with a girlfriend on Tuesday, a sick kid on Wednesday, an opportunity to fly to L.A. in a couple weeks (that I needed to help organize), and a client who desired a little extra from me on Thursday, I'm a bit behind. I'm about 75% there.

But guess what! I'm okay with that.

Having a plan doesn't mean you'll do things perfectly. 

Having a plan means you'll have structure to lean on so you can focus your energy on doing the best you can without compromising your happiness.

I showed up. I enjoyed myself. I accepted my human capabilities. I loved my family, friends, clients, and work with joyful enthusiasm.

Whatever doesn't cross the finish line with me tomorrow will be evaluated, and a new plan will be created.
A new plan grounded in reality. And love.

Just do you manage your to-do list? Do you use paper or an app? Normally, apps don't work for my visual brain, but perhaps I've not tried the right one. Got some suggestions for me? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!