How To Get What You Really Want

how to choose a word of the year

Each year about this time, in quiet spaces between the buzz, I notice words find me.

A butterfly here. Another there.

They come and go.



Eventually - if I'm conscious enough to keep my mind open - one lands.

Absorbs into my thoughts.

Then soaks its way into the deeper stirrings of my heart.

Last year my word was ENTHUSIASM. 

In my life, relationships, and business - no matter the challenge, the joy, the mistakes, the project, or the discomfort of being bolder than my normal me -- I practiced enthusiasm.

I reminded myself. I guided myself. For the most part, I took responsibility for how enthusiastically I showed up (sometimes I goofed, which happens...for sure).

My new word has found me. As I plan my journey for 2015, my word will be the foundation. The magnet. The essence of everything.


how to get what you want in busiess and life.jpg

I deeply desire meeting, helping, hearing, validating, supporting, and laughing with others who are veering off traditional paths of work/life integration and fulfillment. People who are taking bold steps creating opportunities and businesses to live happier, wilder versions of their lives. People who want to love their weekdays as much as their weekends.

People I know. People I have yet to know.

I'm going to be honest, this is a total - s t r e t c h - for me. 

When I care about someone, my roots grow deep into the relationship - which is why I don't connect with others very deeply very often. 

In fact, my usual way about things is putting up walls and staying comfortably within them.

Physically and emotionally.

This is sooo much easier than moving through my discomfort of trying to say hello on Facebook in a meaningful way amidst all the noise and blabber. It's easier than going to a networking group where I don't know a soul. It's easier than calling up a fellow entrepreneur I admire and inviting her to coffee.

In the past I'd say, "I desire connection."
But silently I was also saying, "Just so long as it falls inside my bubble, ya dig?"

And here's the problem with that:

Whatever we think is lacking, is always what we are not giving.

Let's pause.

Really breathe that in.

The connection I felt was lacking, was the connection I wasn't giving.

Whatever you think is lacking in your life and business is what you are not giving. 

Do you desire to feel understood? Do more understanding.
Do you desire excitement? Bring it.
Do you desire less toxic co-workers? Turn down the volume on your toxicity.
Do you desire better relationships? Act like the partner or friend you wish you had.
Do you desire more opportunity? Focus your lens on the opportunity that is available to you right now.

I desire connection. So guess what I need to give.

You got it.

I don't know how I'm going to move in the direction of deepening my connection with sweet friends and dreamy new clients. But I do know I am aware and willing to take action (despite temporary discomfort). 

And that's all I need to know. For now.

What we desire in our lives and businesses always follows our awareness and willingness to take action...even tiny action. 

My word goes into my journal, gets doodled on my palm, is transformed into a screen saver.

I say it when I wake up.
I say it before I fall asleep.

I print it out, frame it, and display it on my bookshelf.

I constantly remind myself and retrain my habits to follow my truest intention.

What are you craving in the year to come? 

You may not know how it will turn out, but at least you know the first step is simply being willing to turn your awareness in a brave new direction.

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