I Am LOVING Squarespace 7 (so rip that bandaid off and upgrade already:)

first impressions of squarespace 7

I'm a lady who likes things the way they are. 

I get pissed when iOS sends me update notices (the last one rendered my iPhone4 completely useless).

I wear the same cowboy boots day after day, year after year (note to my family: please send them with me into my afterlife when the time comes...)

I don't feel the need to re-arrange my furniture. Like ever.

So when Squarespace informed me I had no choice but to update to Squarespace 7 by December 8th, I started pacing.

The learning curve! The hassle! The sheer nerve!



(I believe that was my first impression. Verbatim.)

If you're like me and have been stalling to make the update to Squarespace 7, just do it.

Here's what you can look forward to...

Have a question about Squarespace 7? Ask away in the comments. I'll do my best to help you out:)


Deana Ward

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Deana Ward is a Squarespace website designer, copywriter, and consultant who helps soulful entrepreneurs align their brands and set up efficient business systems—while guiding them to take simple, tangible steps toward their professional goals. Her warm, personal approach goes beyond website design. It includes one-on-one training, accountability, and idea decluttering—which empowers her clients to get up and running so much faster than going it alone.

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