How To Set Up Your Branded Email Address (Squarespace + Google Apps)

how to set up branded email

Pop Quiz!

Which conveys legitimacy? Professionalism? Says, I am who I say I am?



I believe marketing is all about creating connections and growing a sense of trust between yourself and those you connect with.

Don't make things 50 times harder by having an amateur email address.

Luckily my dear soulfulpreneurs, setting up your branded email account is really easy to do and today I'll show you how...


Be sure to test your new email address and make sure it is forwarding into your master email account properly.

If it is not, the first thing to troubleshoot is this:

how to set up your branded email address

Make sure forwarding is not disabled (initially mine was).

Next, you'll want to add your new email address to your master account so you can send mail from your master account, BUT have it LOOK like it's coming from your branded account:

setting up your branded email account

You'll add another email address you own. And then select which account you want your send mail as account to be the default.

setting up your email signature in gmail

Be sure you finish things off with a profesh email signature. Click on the general tab. Then scroll down to the signature section. Add your custom signature:)

If you run into problems (which you shouldn't, but if you do) you can always Google the solution. Just enter your problem into the Google search bar, and you will most likely be led to the perfect solution:) Otherwise, hit me up in the comments!