We're Never Upset For The Reasons We Think

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On the surface, it felt like a frustrating week. I bumped up against a lot of my own margins. Ways I know I hold myself back.

I say on the surface because, when you're experiencing the drama of a moment it feels like the problem is outside you. Separate. Like it's a wave carrying you, moving you, and ultimately planning to slam you into the rocks on the shore.

It feels like you have no choice but to freak out, react, and flap wildly about.

But the truth is, there is wisdom in the frustration. There is a truth waiting for us to get vulnerable and honest enough to face.

Freaking out is a diversion tactic. It keeps us preoccupied from looking at the deeper truths.

When we look at someone else and feel less than, it's not that person's success that is the problem. The problem is what we make it mean about us.

What we make it mean about us can destroy our confidence and faith in possibility.

The only way out of this (that I know actually works) is to figure out if what we've made it mean about us is true or false.

"Is it true I don't know enough?"
"Is it true I'm not talented enough?"
"Is it true I'm not _______ enough?"

Is it absolutely true?

If it's not true (and I guarantee it's not), then we can see the situation for what it really is...us believing (lock, stock, and barrel) lies we tell ourselves.

When we can see where we're lying to ourselves, we know where to let go.
Where to shine our light.
Where to release and bring in peace.
Where to step up and take the responsibility we've been putting off.

In frustrating times, it's so important to become aware of what's really going on.

We're never upset for the surface reasons we think.

We're always upset about what things mean about us.

And what things mean about us almost always point directly to lies we tell ourselves.

It takes courage to be vulnerable and look at those lies. It can feel painful. But guess what...it's a temporary discomfort that leads to empowerment, growth, and expansion.

It's a small price to pay for freedom. And the truth will 100% set you free:)