How To Embed A Video Onto Your Squarespace Site (the classy way)

how to embed a video onto a squarespace site

In today's quick video I'll show you how to add a YouTube video to your site the classy way.

What do I mean by the classy way?

Well, I mean - WITHOUT YouTube displaying random video thumbnails on your lovely website after a reader has watched your video. Kinda like this:

how to embed a youtube video on your squarespace site

Oh man. That hurts to look at. I love Will Ferrell and Jim Gaffigan, but EESH. Not necessary on my site, right?

The purpose of showcasing related videos is to keep you on YouTube, consuming content. And if you have your videos properly optimized (with tags and keyword-rich descriptions), suggested videos can be a good thing. But even on YouTube, SEO takes time.

So to keep things classy and consistent with MY brand on MY site I like to remove the automated related video formatting when I embed a video onto Simple and Soulful.

Here's how you do it...

How easy was that? Happy video embedding!

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