How To Clear Energy Blocks In Your Life & Business

how to clear energy blocks in life and business

Prefer to listen while you do your makeup, drive to work, or take a walk? 

Before we start today's discussion, let's start off from a common place because in order to clear an energy block, you need to be aware of how energy works in your life and business.

Everything is energy.

Your thoughts.
Your money.
Your relationships.
Your creativity.
Your struggles.
Your emotions.
Your movements.
Your business.

It's all energy. It can vibrate with freedom, fun, and excitement. It can vibrate with dullness. It can vibrate with fear and angst. It can vibrate with love and acceptance.

But it is vibrating in your world. All the time. Whether you are conscious of it or not.

To someone who isn't accustomed to thinking in these terms (like I wasn't), this whole concept might seem too woo woo and ridiculous for words.

I used to think that all this energy stuff boiled down to one very simple thing: someone's personal brand of crazy. I was skeptical. Guarded. With a highly sensitive bullshit radar.

But then I realized something:

Your life is what you believe it is.

Every experience; every emotional reaction; every thought that pops into your head comes from the structure of your beliefs.

And - good news - you can believe whatever you want. You're already doing it. All the time. 

Whatever you decide to believe becomes real to you.

I believe in consciously exploring, discovering, and guiding the energy of my life and business, in the most down-to-earth, simple, and soulful ways possible.

The practice of awareness and guiding my energy has had a HUGE impact on the way I navigate challenges and change. And my dear soulfulpreneurs, when you decide to create a business, you are signing up for a whole curriculum of lessons that will stretch, expand, and evolve you.

Being in business for yourself and styling your life around what's important to you is an enormous dose of challenge and change, so learning to navigate this journey is essential to your wellbeing and success.




When something isn't working out in in my life, initially I'll do what humans do - which is blame external situations and circumstances.

I'm aware of this and cool with it. 

It feels really good to tantrum and get my emotions out of my system. I know what I'm doing when I'm doing it. I know it's surface level. 

Feeling our feelings (ALL of them) gives us fast relief.

A good way to get your feelings out is to write them in a journal. You can always rip out those pages or burn them later - to symbolically release your storm once it's blown over. I find this really helps me detach and move on.

The other thing about using your journal as a container for low energy reactions is it prevents you from dumping energy sludge onto your friends and loved ones. Ever have someone vent to you about their terrible day and then toodle off - relieved and light - leaving you feeling tangled and anxious? Yeah. They took an energy dump on you. Not cool.

The other amazing thing about feeling our feelings is that it ALSO (seemingly magically) points to where our energy is blocked; which leads us to step two.


For example, yesterday I was really procrastinating getting started on a project. It was causing me angst, because it was to the point where I was in the beginning stages of falling behind, which causes more stress, which makes everything feel compiled and bigger, and causes me to avoid taking action even more... (THAT whole slippery slope).

I was feeling pissed at myself. I felt stuck. My ideas felt stagnated. The project files felt cluttered and chaotic. Taking a step forward to create momentum felt really labor-intensive, which made if feel super unappealing.

Can you pinpoint the underlying theme of my situation? The essence of the situation that was making me most uncomfortable?

Stagnation. Stuck. Lack of momentum.


Interestingly enough, our human ways of compartmentalizing, micromanaging, and controlling problems into submission don't work with energy.

To help our brains understand and examine energy, we try to separate it into buckets. Physical energy, emotional energy, financial energy, spiritual energy, etc.

But in actuality, there are no compartments. The energy of all these aspects of ourselves just flow and mingle freely with no distinctions and no borders separating them.

I think of it like cosmic soup. There are lots of ingredients, but they all combine to create a unique flavor. You don't compartmentalize when you eat soup, focusing on each vegetable separately. You just enjoy it as a particular flavor of soup.

It's the same with energy.

If you have an energetic block - such as stagnation on a project - look at other areas of your life that may feel similarly stuck. And give some conscious energy to that in the simplest way possible.


When I examined other ways the theme of stagnation was showing up in my life, I concluded, "I feel stuck in this chair until I can move this project forward."

The simple thing I did? I cued up This American Life on Stitcher and took an hour-long walk with my dog. My focus shifted. My geography shifted. My momentum shifted. My mind shifted.

And my energy shifted.

I returned to my project with more life and more ideas; and I finished the afternoon feeling good about my progress. I'm not stuck anymore. 

Creating momentum for myself in another area of my life, spilled over into this area of my life because energy isn't compartmentalized.


Even though it feels like it, nothing in your world is isolated.
When your energy is blocked in one area of your life, your WHOLE life is affected.
Take your focus off of what is not working. Stop trying to force it.
Look at where else this theme is showing up for you.
Take a baby step to create some new flow there. It doesn't have to be grandiose.
Notice the simple ways the energy of your WHOLE life shifts.

Deana Ward

Simple & Soulful Creative, Lincoln, Nebraska

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