My Month In Review // April 2015

I don't have time to write a whole post this week, but I wanted to share my ritual for transitioning from one month to the next. (You'll understand why I'm so short on time these days if you listen to the audio. Haha!)

april 2015 month review simple and soulful


But you certainly don't need to have one. In fact, there are some features and questions I wish were included in the planner - so I've created a bookmark to use with whatever style of journal you love.

Click on this image to instantly download your printable journal bookmarks. Use them to reflect upon the journey you took in your life and business last month.

Click on this image to instantly download your printable journal bookmarks. Use them to reflect upon the journey you took in your life and business last month.


Nicole Antoinette - whipsmart guidance for beginner runners & people who need a swift kick in the arse on their goals. Plus, her writing is so honest, intelligent, and concise. It's like crisp seltzer with a twist. Love it!

Danielle LaPorte - a spiritual explorer, creator of Truthbombs, writer of desire permission slips, designer of gilded tattoos & purposeful jewelry... and that voice. She's a hot bath for your brain.

James Clear - entrepreneur, weightlifter, travel photographer, and Jedi Master of habit change. I savor, ponder, and enjoy every word he writes.

Susannah Conway - if creativity and mindfulness had a baby, they'd name her Susannah Conway. Her Unraveling The Year Ahead journal changed the way I'm consciously designing my life.

Elle & Company Design - Where do her good ideas come from? She launched and grew her successful business in a year and shows us how it's done on her blog - five days a week. 

Olyvia Media - I think if we met in person we'd be long lost besties. Her personality seems to jive with mine and everything she shares is a helpful resource I save. Plus she tweeted one of my blog posts recently, which had me speed-dialing my brother for a Twitter crash course:) Thanks to Erika's tweet, I'm slowly learning how to have 140-character conversations. Feels super abnormal. But I'm trying:)

By Regina - Does this woman sleep? Does she have a clone army? Is she superhuman? These are things I must get to the bottom of as I follow her guidance (and use her EPIC Blog planner to organize my blog and business ideas).


  • Peruse interesting articles.
  • Make a wish list of things you'd love to try.
  • Pick ONE wish/theme to work on for the next month.

Mine? The more I learn about Pinterest, the more I see the benefit of using it as a business growth tool. Next month my intention is to put the million of other things I could be learning outside my bubble and give conscious energy (aka focus) to my current haphazard Pinterest situation. I'm going to follow the guidance from Olyvia Media's post: How To Get Pinterest Followers & Repins: The Ultimate Guide.


P.S. Here's the budgeting tool I mentioned in the audio: You Need A Budget (or YNAB).

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