I Have My Website, Now...How Do I Make Money?

In this post I share what I believe to be the most effective way to begin the practice and process of making money with your new business.

I love the process of designing Squarespace websites (I call them online homes) for my clients.

I love every part of it:

  • helping them discover how they're truly unique so we can position them to stand out in a busy world
  • identifying their core message—the one that will be the DNA underneath every post, presentation, and package
  • turning their tangle of magnificent thoughts into words that are a simple and soulful pleasure to read
  • playing and collaborating with colors, layout, and website flow that are equal parts personality and professional strategy

But if there's one thing I'm a real stickler about, it's this:

It's not enough to have a pretty website. You need to understand the realities of what it takes to make money. Because no website—in and of itself—is a money spout, that once turned on, will fill your cup with a comfortable income.

Many of my clients have some idea of what it takes. They've typically already received some training or perspective from a course they've taken or a group they're a part of. But what I discover over and over is—often, they've learned about a single puzzle piece (like: how to host webinars or how to write useful blog content or how to create landing pages that convert or how to use Twitter to increase your influence...) and assume that single piece is the majority of the puzzle.

...And despite their best efforts, the results of their newfound skills and actions were discouraging.

If this sounds like your story, here's what I want to say to you:

I'm proud of you for learning. I'm thrilled you're taking action! It matters immensely and you're doing a great job! Now...I want you to see a more expanded view of what it takes to generate sales with your business; because I believe once you can see the bigger picture of how sales work, you'll understand that what you're doing is working—it's just a single step in a sales funnel process you'll need to continue fleshing out.

If the very idea of a sales funnel seems completely beyond you because you're sure it'll be complicated, I need you to understand something:

I believe (based on my personal journey building a boutique business in two years that is currently the sole source of income for my family of five)—you don't need to do it all. You also don't need to do it perfectly. And really...you don't need to buy every fancy new widget, system, or cloud-based application that comes down the pipeline promising to be the key to easy success.

I didn't. Well, actually for a while I tried that frantic route. But it didn't work very well for me (because, hello! My life, business, goals, and personality have unique variables that proven formulas often fail to recognize). So I slowed down. I stopped focusing on trying to build myself up as a popular thought leader with mass appeal; and instead focused on attracting and nurturing people into my world—and through the various levels of my simple little sales funnel with genuine care and respect.

I've created an eight minute video class (below) for people who sell value-based products and services (coaches, consultants, speakers, stylists, brick and mortar boutique businesses, etc.). 

Value-based sales = people need to feel a personal attachment to the value
Commodity sales = customers have money in-hand are simply shopping price and style

In this sales funnel mini-class you'll learn:

  • what a sales funnel is and a flexible recipe (structure) to help you create yours
  • a variety of ingredient ideas for each step in the sales funnel recipe (because your funnel needs to fit you, your business goals, and your clients)
  • how to support your individual marketing efforts with a solid, comprehensive foundation
  • some of the mistakes and assumptions people make that hinder their success
  • an often overlooked (but extremely important) part of the sales funnel process (it's not very sexy compared to all the shiny ideas and applications vying for our attention but I believe it matters the most)


1. Download your recipe (worksheet)—and use it as a starting point: a list of ideas to inspire  additional ideas that fit you, your goals, and your niche. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR RECIPE

2. Watch the video and follow along with your worksheet

3. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm here to help:)