Client Launch // DNI Group LLC

dni group llc at simple & soulful creative

Working with DNI Group marketing coordinator, Pat Stanelun and her team was a wonderful experience!

Pat and I became friends through the process. I wished her well when she embarked upon her trip to Ireland. And she uplifted me with her kind words and patience when I broke my wrist earlier this year. That's what I most love about the work I do...the opportunity to meet the loveliest people in the world!

When we met, DNI Group had a traditional Wordpress website that felt outdated (it didn't scale and respond on mobile devices). Plus, making minor adjustments to it was a huge challenge for the DNI marketing department, which limited their sales and marketing agility. 

"After studying their industry; listening to their needs and goals; and gathering feedback from their entire sales department as to what would make their jobs easier—I fit them into a beautiful Squarespace template with a fluid, contemporary, and engaging parallax effect."

I worked with several members of the DNI team to make sure they had the tools and know-how to:

  • make updates to their branded video library
  • adjust product pages as their catalogue evolves
  • maintain a blog that acts as a customer resource library
  • change photography and copy as needed

My intern and I were in the process of developing a prototype website using Squarespace so we knew the potential of the platform. However, soon into it, we hit a wall—creatively and technically. Enter Deana!

Using our original concept and framework, she elevated our efforts to a truly professional level, using all the tools we had available (but didn’t know how to use optimally!). Deana incorporated beautiful photography, engaging text, and streamlined our navigation. Now, we believe our website stands out among those of industry colleagues and competitors. And with the ability to change and add materials to the site so easily, we appreciate the fact that our new website is an evolving story of our company.  

Pat Stanelun, Marketing Coordinator

Feel free to visit DNI Group's new online home RIGHT HERE!