Client Launch // AMPT

Squarespace website design for AMPT Performance Recognition by Simple & Soulful Creative.

This job was unique.

I was brought in as a team member—to help align, educate, and empower the AMPT sales department to take the reigns and use their website as an efficient and effective marketing tool.

AMPT is a software company dedicated to improving happiness in the workplace through real-time, social recognition. AMPT's plug-in and go software connects team members in organizations of all sizes by giving them meaningful, fun, and instant opportunities to praise one another. It's like Facebook. But without the garbage. And without the trolls. And without the mind-numb.'s nothing like Facebook. 

With AMPT, companies have the unique opportunity to ditch cheesy wall mural value statements and infuse their vision into every employee by creating a supportive and inclusive culture where it feels good to live the mission. Through its metrics dashboard, leaders can see—in real time—how their people are doing. Which means they can make decisions ahead of issues rather than behind them.

The previous incarnation of their Squarespace website was a static brochure site that fit fine when they launched.

But as their business and opportunities evolved, their website needed to as well.

"The beauty of Squarespace is—it's a flexible, easy-to-use website platform that enables businesses of all sizes to be nimble and responsive."

It was fun to work with the AMPT team because they wanted to design and align alongside me. Their sales department want to learn how to implement changes and evolve the site on their own—as needed—to support their sales strategies.

The updates we made to the AMPT Squarespace site include:

Live chat implementation potential clients can instantly ask questions and begin conversations with the AMPT sales team (info)

Simple navigation, flow, and design of each page potential clients can get the info they need quickly and book a free 10-minute consultation on the spot

Product demo scheduler potential clients can book easily and receive automated email reminders and follow-up (info)

SSL the site works on HTTPS—since many of their clients are hospitals (info)

Squarespace website makeover Simple & Soulful Creative

"Working with Deana during our website overhaul was a simple and effective process. From brainstorming with me and my team about our vision to the implementation of our product pages, Deana was thoughtful, passionate, and very knowledgable every step of the way." 

Craig Spilker | VP of Business Development, AMPT Performance Recognition

I loved working on this project! Many thanks to Craig and his sales team as well as my right hand man, programmer Jim Broadhagen. Cheers to a successful launch!

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