Client Launch // Experience Mindset Change

 Squarespace client launch story for Donnamarie Jurick of Experience Mindset Change.

Today I want to introduce you to our dear client Donnamarie Jurick of Experience Mindset Change.

When Donnamarie and I met a few months ago, she had the idea for her business swirling in her brain in a million pieces.

For clients who are embarking upon a new business adventure and in the beginning stages of bringing their vision and core message into focus, I insist upon business coaching because I believe a pretty website is simply not good enough. I am dedicated to helping my clients create a crystal clear starting point for their businesses—a strong foundation. By the end of a project, my clients have more than a website, they have business roots and are ready to grow!

During the pre-work and coaching phase of Donnamarie's project we identified:

  • business goals + best opportunities for growth
  • ideal clients + starter service packages
  • site navigation + UX strategy to support the defined priorities
  • opt-in freebie + brand positioning + basic systems to streamline client in-take

I believe laying this groundwork early on is essential to creating a powerful website: one that attracts the right clients, is easy to use, and incorporates streamlined systems to make your and your clients' lives easier!

When it came to the design phase, Donnamarie wanted to be very hands-on. She had specific ideas about her color palette and brand elements. Because she has an art background, she wanted to be involved and co-create alongside me. Everything was very carefully crafted around the deep story of her work; the rich tapestry of her amazing life experiences; and colors and symbols that feel sacred to her.

One of the things that's most fun for me is stepping into my clients visions and seeing their work from their perspectives. When I write copy, this intimate viewpoint is necessary because while I believe great copy must be digestible, relatable, and simply strategic; it must also capture the essence—the nuances of a brand's story. The WHY. Because as we stated in our last blog article (based on Simon Sinek's brilliant insights) people need to connect with what you believe (your WHY) more than what you actually do.

Website copy has the power to instantly connect or instantly confuse people.

I take a granular, in-depth, intimate exploration of my clients business DNA so I can write sentences on their websites that resonate, connect, and invite in unique ways you can't quite put your finger on, but can definitely feel. 

Writing Donnamarie's copy (at times collaboratively) was an amazing experience because the story behind her life journey and current work would actually make a fantastic movie.

Another thing I love about designing websites is the creativity and challenge of breaking my clients free from the pack. And by pack I mean, the spot-it-from-a-million-miles away, looks-like-every-other-Squarespace-templated-site design. 

You'll notice we broke the Squarespace mold with Donnamarie's site. We custom-coded design elements to create eye-catching effects; and we took painstaking measures to ensure that each custom feature responds amazingly on mobile! Donnamarie's site is functional and gorgeous on any size screen!

 We're celebrating the Squarespace website launch of our client Donnamarie Jurick of Experience Mindset Change. For this site (a riff on the Pacific template) we built in some custom design features to help her site look truly unique, but still flow beautifully on mobile devices!

We so enjoyed working with Donnamarie and wish her all the success in the world!

If you would like to see the Experience Mindset Change site in action GO NOW >