Client Launch // Kay Erickson Wellness

Learn how we branded, wrote, designed, and helped certified wellness coach, Kay Erickson, get her business and story online  simply and soulfully  so she can start booking clients and growing her nutrition business with the help of her new Squarespace website.

Like the majority of our clients, Kay Erickson came to us feeling confused and overwhelmed about how to get her wellness coaching business organized and online.

We started with weekly collaborative coaching sessions where we worked through her ideas and brought them into alignment around her goals and best opportunities for fast traction. We also helped her package her services into concrete offers that are targeted to specific types of clients.

I was referred to Deana by a colleague and after our first call, I felt she had the knowledge and “heart” that would convey what I want to deliver to my clients through the website and coaching experience.
— Kay Erickson

Next, we brought her brand style to life with a playful, yet professional color palette.

Mood board for certified wellness coach Kay Erickson. We used this personality and color palette to bring her brand to life on her new Squarespace website. By  Simple and Soulful Creative.

A common mistake we see many new life and wellness coaches make is blah copy that positions their services as everything to everyone (in an attempt to appeal to many). We help our clients avoid this vanilla-fest by crafting copy that resonates with very specific types of clients. 

When you try to appeal to everyone, unfortunately you end up appealing to no-one. Simple & Soulful clients don’t have this problem:)

Kay's copy is specific to the types of people she loves to serve. It has been designed to flow and inform in a very concise and friendly way. It's also properly strategized and geographically targeted with basic SEO to help clients find her online.

Squarespace website homepage design for certified wellness coach, Kay Erickson. We started with the Montauk template which a great fit for clients who don't have much photography. We added a linen page background to give her site a warm, welcoming feel. By Simple & Soulful Creative.

The website we created for Kay is a supporting arm to her successful Shaklee direct marketing business. With that in mind, we made sure that her one-on-one clients and Shaklee customers could easily access her exisisting online store, filled with high quality lifestyle products and nutrition supplements.

I was delighted to learn marketing techniques and get experienced business advice in addition to the design work. The fact that Deana started her successful business from scratch helped me understand what it takes to grow a my private practice. Her patience and practical advice were most helpful.
— Kay Erickson
Samples of logo variations for Simple & Soulful Creative client, Kay Erickson.

We are so excited for Kay as she begins her new business adventure! She has been a delight to work with and we look forward to supporting her in the months and years ahead.

Congratulations, Kay, on a successful and fun launch! 

To take a tour of Kay's site, CLICK HERE.

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