Client Launch // Lana Wickstrom

This week we're sharing the launch story of our wonderful client, Lana Wickstrom. Lana is a retired lawyer who specializes in helping couples navigate the confusing legal process of separation and divorce. Her brand needed to evoke calm, safety, strength, and professionalism. Read about the journey we took with Lana as we created her branding, Squarespace website, email freebie, Mailchimp template design, and polished her copy.

I never cease to be amazed at the wonderful people I get to work with. Lana Wickstrom is a retired lawyer from Saskatchewan, Canada who helps people navigate the confusing legal process of separation and divorce. She's hilarious, upbeat, insightful, intelligent, and kind-hearted. An email from Lana is a treat to be savored...she's THAT kind of writer. I can't wait for her to get her blog rockin' in the next few weeks so she can start sharing her refreshing voice with the world!

We started Lana's project by clarifying her brand's color palette and personality. Within her Pinterest mood board I saw she is drawn to Celtic knots and the symbolism of the number three. The answers to her Brand Clarity Workbook also revealed she is an Autumn personality. 

Organic, earthy, warm and passionate perfectly sums up most Autumnal personalities. With a strong connection to nature, a love for the past and thirst for understanding how and why things work (as well as challenging the status quo) the Autumnal personality makes a great campaigner.
— Fiona Humberstone, The Brand Stylist
Color & mood for Lana Wickstrom branding.

With that information, we got to work on her branding. I wanted to tell a story with her logo. A story about love that doesn't end, but evolves; love that transitions independently but stays respectfully connected. 

Logo concepts for Lana Wickstrom branding. By Simple & Soulful Creative.

With Lana's insights and guidance, I played around with dividing a circle into thirds and found that the woven or linked sections resemble an angel or guide. When Lana saw this concept, she knew it was the one. I created a few versions of this logo to give her some variety while maintaining the integrity and personality of her brand.

Final logo designs for Lana Wickstrom. By Simple & Soulful Creative.
Deana’s approach to creating my branding and website was personal, encompassing, and extremely well researched. I now have a robust and healthy appreciation for the complexity and intricacy of Deana’s creative process—every color was intentional, every image representative, and every spot my words landed on was purposeful and wisely chosen. At each stage of our work together, she shared the story behind what she had created and each time I was emotionally moved by the depth to which she cared about my project, me, and my clients.
— Lana Wickstrom

I designed Lana's website to feel safe and calm, yet strong and professional because that's exactly what her clients need. People going through the confusion of separating or divorcing need to feel cared for and deeply understood. Navigating her site is simple. Finding what you need is easy. One page flows beautifully to the next—effortlessly, on purpose.

Website design for Lana Wickstrom. By Simple & Soulful Creative.
Deana’s personalized approach to her customer service permanently changed me. She has inspired me to consistently and bravely learn new and unexpected ways to serve my clients. She engaged me in her creative process by adeptly utilizing excellent technology during our regularly scheduled product reviews. Honestly, when I describe my experiences and results from Simple and Soulful with other entrepreneurs who have trusted someone else to brand or develop their “baby,” I can literally smell their jealousy ;)
— Lana Wickstrom

Meanwhile...while I was designing, Moses was busy researching and strategizing her foundation SEO strategy. Lana's services are for people who live in Saskatchewan, Canada and our goal was to define a solid keyword plan to get her new website climbing the Google index and make it easy for potential clients to find her.  

There is seriously nowhere else any heart-inspired entrepreneur should ever go other than Simple and Soulful. The extremely rare combination of talents that Deana and Moses possess will infuse and ignite the quality of your services and products in ways that will yield personal, professional, and financial benefits for years to come.

Simple and Soulful didn’t just give life to my branding and website, they breathed new life into me.
— Lana Wickstrom

With the site ready to cross the finish line, I turned Lana's subscriber gift into a lovely pdf e-book and set up the on-boarding sequence in Mailchimp.

Lana Wickstrom Squarespace website launch story. By Simple & Soulful Creative. Mobile friendly Squarespace website with a useful and gorgeous subscriber opt-in gift!

So there you have it! A fun project, a meaningful brand, and a gorgeous website! We're so looking forward to watching Lana's business unfold and grow in the months and years ahead.

Congratulations Lana! We're cheering you on as you begin the journey of building your legal information, mediation, and separation coaching practice!

If you'd like to visit Lana's new website, click here >>

How about you? Are you excited to feel "back flip" confident about building the business you've been dreaming about?