Client Launch // ReVitaJuve

This week we're sharing a launch story for our lovely client Dr. Kimberly Jean M.D. The priority and strategy behind her site was to enable patients to quickly and easily book consultations and appointments. We made sure that all roads on her site lead to increased connection through her sleek appointment booking functionality or her stellar opt-in,  The Hormone Health Kit.

Dr. Kimberly Jean contacted us after trying to customize her Squarespace website in preparation for the launch of her private fertility and hormonal health center. She's a busy physician, wife, and mother of a newborn, and was ready to stop fussing with the frustrating aspects of designing and writing her site so that she could set up shop and start welcoming new patients.

Someone told me about Squarespace and how easy it was to use. But as I began using it, I found I was deleting more than I was adding. I felt stuck! I came across one of your Youtube videos and ultimately arrived at your site. What really attracted me were your testimonials. I could tell they were authentic and genuine. When I looked at your clients’ sites, I couldn’t wait to get on the phone with you!
— Kimberly Jean, M.D.

The first step in our journey together was the Business Clarity Workbook. Here's what I love about this powerful assignment: it helps my clients crystalize aspects of their businesses they hadn't previously considered. In our coaching sessions, we go over the workbook together and I help my clients figure out a unique way to position their services so they really stand out in their industry. This is the foundation for their brand message, which is the cornerstone of their website.

Through the business coaching I was able to unscramble my thoughts. Writing down the step-by-step details of my services, I learned how I could move a patient from my website, into my office using efficient electronic portals that also felt inviting.
— Kimberly Jean, M.D.

After we identified her niche and core message, Kimberly and I went to work on her brand visuals. She had a logo she liked, but the color palette and messaging was off. Based on Kimberly's mood board (the inspiration images she shared with me), I realized that the tone she wanted to convey was not coming through in her former palette and vibe. She loves the beautiful combination of coral and turquoise. We added a touch of brushed gold and some iridescent and gray textures to give her brand a luxurious and intimate feel.

You are very dedicated. I see a lot of people who say they’re dedicated to their work, but YOU you are definitely true to your word. You put so much time, thought, and consideration into helping your clients achieve their vision. I felt like I gave you nothing to go on. I gave you scrambled pieces of a puzzle; and you put it all together in a way that’s better than I could imagine!
— Kimberly Jean, M.D.

On of the things we really love doing for our clients is surprising them with customizations to make their sites feel less "Squarespacey" and more exquisitely tailored (while retaining the backend ease-of-use that is Squarespace's hallmark).

We added eye-catching hover effects and FAQ accordion drop-downs to:

+ maximize space
+ create a unique and engaging experience
+ nudge viewers toward a consultation or onto her email list so she can begin the process of nurturing relationships with her subscribers and potential clients

With her new brand guide in hand, I coached Kimberly as she used CANVA and PDF Escape to create a powerful opt-in freebie. It's an interactive Hormone Health Kit that contains a quiz to help women discover whether some of their health symptoms might be due to a hormone imbalance; detoxification tips to help bring hormones back into balance; and a list of superfoods to eat on a daily basis for ongoing hormone wellness.

My confidence has increased by working with you. In the beginning I was really nervous about starting my business. Now I look at my website and think, “Who wouldn’t want to hire me?! I CAN DO THIS!”
— Kimberly Jean, M.D.

We are thrilled about Kimberly's website launch. It was a joy to work with her and we wish her the brightest success in the world!

And if you'd like to check out her new online home (and sign up for her wonderful Hormone Health Kit), by all means, be our guest. Click right here >>

How about you? Are you excited (but a little nervous) to set up shop and get going with your business? We'd love to help! Click below and get in touch...