Client Launch // Sarah Meehan LCSW-R

Join us as we celebrate the launch of our wonderful client, Sarah Meehan LCSW-R. We helped Sarah transition out of her DIY Squarespace website into a beautiful new Squarespace design that better fits her successful psychotherapy business.

I so enjoyed being on the phone with our client, Sarah Meehan, during the pre-work phase and during our collaborative writing sessions. She is incredibly wise and funny. On top of that, she's deeply interesting. While she treats a variety of disorders, she specializes in eating disorders, poor body image, and trauma. I was fascinated as she explained how our bodies take trauma and lock it away in our cells. I was moved. Above all, I was honored to listen, absorb, and then weave her wisdom into a lovely sensory experience on her website.

I haven’t really felt understood by others in the design/copy field. The work that I do is rooted in sophisticated psychoanalytic and psychosomatic theory and the role of a psychotherapist is a unique one. I felt that Deana really understood and honored this. I feel she has a unique ability to take me in and really get to know the work that I do so that she can deliver something that feels aligned with who I am and who my business is.
— Sarah Meehan

We started our journey by looking at her previous, DIY Squarespace website. Sarah had done a great job with it as you can see below. But she wasn't pleased with it. She wanted her images to feel cohesive across the entire site. She also wanted a logo that felt right. And she wanted to tell her story in a way that brought the complexities and nuances of her work down to earth for people outside the mental health field.

Like all of us, she wanted to feel proud of her website because the truth is, our websites are often the first interaction we have with potential clients.

Sarah's previous website...


Then we got to work on her branding. Sarah's aesthetic is quiet, yet strong. Calm, caring, and classy.

Color palette for Simple & Soulful Creative client Sarah Meehan, LCSW-R..
I decided to hire you because I saw other work that you have done previously and I was very impressed. In the initial consult call I got the sense you would be uniquely able to attune to my needs and desires regarding my website and you would be able to follow through.
— Sarah Meehan

After the color palette was decided upon, I designed a few logo concepts based on Sarah's input. She likes hand-drawn script. She likes dried dandelions and dreamcatchers. She also likes the contrast of clean lines and free flowing watercolor.

Logos for Simple & Soulful Creative client Sarah Meehan, LCSW-R.

Each logo above reflected a different aspect of Sarah's personality, however, the third version was it. After the logo was approved, I created a logo variation and an email signature. I also broke her logo apart so she could use each part of it as a stand alone symbol for future branding.

Deana helped me convey my style and voice. She has also streamlined my brand. I feel more confident putting myself and my business out in the world via my new website.
— Sarah Meehan

One of my favorite pages on Sarah's site is the last page we worked on...her YOGA page. 

Squarespace website for Simple & Soulful Creative client, Sarah Meehan, LCSW-R.
Deana is pure magic. A definite gem. One-of-a-kind. I will refer anyone and everyone to her.
— Sarah Meehan

We're so happy for Sarah! We wish her much success and ease as she continues to bring her amazing work to the beautiful souls who find deep comfort in her talk and body therapy. Oh, how I wish I could travel to NYC and take one of her yoga classes! (Hmmm...not a bad idea:)

To take a tour of Sarah's site CLICK RIGHT HERE >>>