Client Launch // The Massage Method

Today we're featuring client Triana Sanburn of and the launch of her website for her massage therapy practice, The Massage Method. Learn how we designed a brand and online home that enabled her to look professional in all areas of her marketing: business cards, signage, social media accounts, apparel, and business forms—which has helped her exceed her new client goals for 2016 in July!

When Triana Sanburn and I met late last year she was in need of a fast turn-around on a logo design and website to help her market her massage therapy business, The Massage Method, during the holidays.

She had recently branched out on her own with her business and was excited to welcome existing clients to her new location and grow her client base substantially.

My goal was to give Triana a logo with variations that worked in a variety of formats for print, web, and apparel. I also wanted to give her an efficient online hub for her marketing: a website that funneled visitors from Facebook, Twitter, organic search, Yelp, and her email list into booked clients.

All Simple & Soulful branding projects begin with the creation of a mood board. 

I asked Triana to show me images that appeal to her: clothing, landscapes, textures, interior design, etc. Since it's very important to me that the my clients' individual personalities come through in their branding, I look for cohesive themes in the images they select.

Many clients begin the branding process by telling me, "I don't know what my style is. I like so many things!"

But once I see the images they've selected on their Pinterest boards, typically a few aspects of their personality bubble to the surface and it's always fun to show my clients what I've discovered.

Brand palette and logo design for The Massage Method of Lincoln Nebraska.

The personality of Triana's brand feels:

  • uncomplicated
  • natural
  • strong
  • simple
  • peaceful
  • contemporary
What surprised me about working with you was how in-depth you went with the prep-work. I knew what I loved about my work, but I didn’t know how to translate it into a message or a look. I felt like my ideas were all over the place. I was amazed at how you took my chaos and helped me be decisive.
— Triana Sanburn, LMT // The Massage Method

I visited Triana for a massage yesterday. I was long overdue—it had been seven months! When I arrived at her office I was amazed at all the beautiful ways she has been using her brand to grow her business!

In addition to ordering cards and other paper materials, she created professional signage for the interior and exterior of her space. She also used her brand palette to give her room a gorgeous makeover!

And The Massage Method website?

I love my logo and website and get so many compliments on it. In fact, I was on the phone with a YELP advertising rep recently who told me she sees a lot of massage therapist sites in this area and she’s not seen ONE like mine. I was thrilled to learn that my brand and online home really stand out!
— Triana Sanburn LMT // The Massage Method
As a small business owner, especially when you’re just getting going, it feels like there’s so much money going out compared to what’s coming in. It’s a huge investment and it’s scary. But I believe great branding is crucial. I know it’s helped me meet my new client goals for my first year with The Massage Method. Working with you has been worth every penny.
— Triana Sanburn, LMT // The Massage Method

Congratulations to our client Triana Sanburn! We are honored to have worked with her and it was so fun to hear how the little simple and soulful details we're persnickity about (like making sure our clients have organized files so they can easily work with other service providers like apparel, window decal, and business card printers) have helped make her life and lovely business easier!

If you live in the Lincoln area and desire a talented, kind, smart, and seriously proactive massage therapist (she suggested I ditch my $5 summer flip flops in exchange for back happiness) I simply cannot recommend Triana enough!

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