Email Opt-In Do's And Don'ts (Plus 50 Fantastic Subscriber Freebie Ideas!)

The five things you need to know about creating an email opt-in that converts viewers into subscribers.

Email opt-in gifts are essential if you want to utilize email marketing to help make sales. However, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed about what to offer and how to design a good email opt-in. Today, I want to simplify everything for you.

Below, you’ll find the FIVE essential things you need to know to create a great email opt-in gift. You’ll also find a list of 50 fantastic, ready-to-go email opt-in ideas to save you the time and trouble of brainstorming. 

Once you’ve decided on an opt-in gift idea, here are the five things you need to know:

If you’ve struggled to create an email opt-in because you have no idea where to start, this post is for you! Learn the five simple things you need to know about creating an awesome freebie gift for your subscribers.

1 // Less is more. 

People don’t have time to read, digest, or mull over a big complicated opt-in. If your opt-in is large and overwhelming they’ll save it for “later.” An opt-in that has been “saved for later” isn’t going to get read. 

2 // Make an impact. 

Your opt-in gift needs to accomplish a few things:

  • shift the reader’s perspective with a wonderful A-HA that might have taken a long time to discover
  • save your new subscriber time, energy, and money
  • feel like a lavish and useful gift (think audio meditations, fitness toolkits, printable art, etc.)

When your subscriber opens your opt-in gift, you want her/him to smile and think “Wow! This is so thoughtful!” You also want your new friend to be able to use it right away and get immense pleasure and/or value from it.

3 // Strategize. 

Your opt-in is part of an email marketing sales funnel. Potential clients/customers enter your sales funnel with zero risk by signing up for your opt-in. Then you’ll engage with your subscriber and create a trust-filled relationship over time by sending helpful and friendly emails on a consistent basis. It can take people between 7 and 50 emails to warm up to hiring you. Think of email marketing like dating. You need to be interested, thoughtful, and persistent.

4 // Give a free sample.

Your opt-in gift needs to give your new subscriber a taste of what it’s like to work with you. Think of it like this: Working with you is the whole pizza. Your new subscriber doesn’t know if she/he likes your kind of pizza. So you simply need to offer up a slice. The final page of your opt-in should contain an author bio and a call-to-action that will “funnel” that person to taking another step toward hiring you. Typically, my clients like to include a clickable button to help the subscriber set up a consultation meeting or connect on a favored social media platform where they can engage in conversation and deepen the relationship. 

5 // Write a powerful title. 

Give your opt-in title some persuasive words to help it easily convert a website visitor into a new email subscriber. According to the data collected by the experts at Sumo, there are eight specific words that excite people to take action: NEW, FREE, BECAUSE, YOU, LIMITED, NOW, IMAGINE, and INSTANTLY. 

Next week, I’ll show you how to set-up a non-annoying pop-up on your Squarespace website so you can begin using your new email opt-in freebie as a subscriber invite.

Think you can get your freebie ready to go by then? I know you can! 

See you next week!

A subscriber opt-in gift is an important part of an email marketing strategy. If you've struggled to create a new opt-in or tend to get lost in overwhelm, we've created a list of 50 unique and useful freebie ideas to save you a ton of time and energy!