Inside A Client Session // What My Client Wanted You To See

behind the scenes of a simple & soulful consulting session. what my client wanted you to see.

Curious what happens when I get on the phone with clients?

Well, my dear client Donnamarie wanted me to share a portion of her last session.

We were talking about how it can be so confusing when your business is a baby. And how it's tempting to want to make a wish at the Online Business Zoltar machine to fast track your path to being BIG. 

I suppose some of those strategies work. Lord knows I've seen enough "Income Reports" to make it seem so.

But quiet types like us are attracted to a different path...a simpler, more soulful path. And because our journey is more organic in nature, it sometimes unfolds a bit more slowly—and this can make us feel like we're doing it all wrong.

It's been my experience that a baby business follows the same development as a real baby.

Click play I'll tell you more...