Inside A Client Session // What My Client Wanted You To See

behind the scenes of a simple & soulful consulting session. what my client wanted you to see.

Curious what happens when I get on the phone with clients?

Well, my dear client Donnamarie wanted me to share a portion of her last session.

We were talking about how it can be so confusing when your business is a baby. And how it's tempting to want to make a wish at the Online Business Zoltar machine to fast track your path to being BIG. 

I suppose some of those strategies work. Lord knows I've seen enough "Income Reports" to make it seem so.

But quiet types like us are attracted to a different path...a simpler, more soulful path. And because our journey is more organic in nature, it sometimes unfolds a bit more slowly—and this can make us feel like we're doing it all wrong.

It's been my experience that a baby business follows the same development as a real baby.

Click play I'll tell you more...

Deana Ward

Simple & Soulful Creative, Lincoln, Nebraska

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Deana Ward is a Squarespace website designer, copywriter, and consultant who helps soulful entrepreneurs align their brands and set up efficient business systems—while guiding them to take simple, tangible steps toward their professional goals. Her warm, personal approach goes beyond website design. It includes one-on-one training, accountability, and idea decluttering—which empowers her clients to get up and running so much faster than going it alone.

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