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Client Launch // Sarah Meehan LCSW-R

We started our journey by looking at her previous, DIY Squarespace website. Sarah had done a great job with it as you can see below. But she wasn't pleased with it. She wanted her images to feel cohesive all across the site. She also wanted a logo that felt right. And she wanted to tell her story in a way that brought the complexities and nuances of her work down to earth for people outside the mental health field.

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Client Launch // ReVitaJuve

Dr. Kimberly Jean contacted us after trying to customize her Squarespace website in preparation for the launch of her private fertility and hormonal health center. She's a busy physician, wife, and mother of a newborn, and was ready to stop fussing with the frustrating aspects of designing and writing her site so that she could set up shop and start welcoming new patients.

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How We Live + Work // 7.20.16

Every Wednesday to share our creative chronicles—tools we're using, things we're loving, stuff we're doing, and ideas we're implementing to navigate and grow our service-based business. This week we're sharing two video tutorials to learn how to use the latest version of iMovie, and the refine edge brush tool in photoshop. We're also sharing a resource to help you promote your blog, a look at our completed staycation project, and a client launch story!

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