What it really takes to grow your business skills.

How I decide which e-courses are a good investment for my business. And what's important to know about the process of expanding your skill-set (spoiler alert...it's a bumpy road).
If you want to grow your business, you'll need to grow your skills. In this video, I'm sharing my thoughts on e-courses and the power of making mistakes.

Last week I received a handful of emails from people I adore, sharing their frustrations and 'up-to-their-eyeballs' overload with popular business marketing tactics they learned in e-courses.

It seems people (the ones I follow anyway) are beginning to seriously question the wisdom of implementing marketing strategies that—when you pull back the curtain—equate to cliquey sameness and digital fakery (as one friend put it).

Feeling jaded right about now?

Okay...I made a video for you (below).

In it I'm sharing my thoughts on:

+ How to discern which online courses to invest in for your business (hint: build your skill set).
+ How to get the most out of your investment (hint: nothing will work if you stubbornly refuse to take action in the way they teach you to).
+ How to know when you're ready to hybrid what you've learned into a style that's a better fit for you (hint: you have to learn the rules before you can break them).
+ How to approach failure (hint: you're gonna make mistakes, but trust me, they're a necessary step in building your confidence).

Want to hear more of my thoughts on this topic in the form of a sewing story where I made a Kimono with Frankensteined armpits? Here you go!