You Can Do Uncomfortable Things

You can do uncomfortable things. A list of reminders for those times when you want to curl into a ball and make all your business challenges disappear.

You can send emails to friends and acquaintances, letting them know of your new business and how you'd be eternally grateful if they'd help you spread the word.

You can pick one thing to focus on today.

You can send a press release to local publications or apply to guest post on a blog you enjoy.

You can ask Uncle Google "How to set up a Facebook ad?" or "How to host a webinar?"

You can put this month on a credit card if you really need to.

You can introduce yourself to people you admire.

You can invite a group together and share your insights in a mini-class.

You can share info about your business to your mini-class students.

You can opt out of social media if it drains you.

You can have a sense of humor about people who "don't get" what you do.

You can choose to be inspired by your jealous nudges rather than deflated by them.

You can make a list of the steps to complete something. And then refine it as you experiment and learn.

You can offer free laser sessions one day a week to help you get clear on who your dream clients are and aren't.

You can apply to speak at a local business group.

You can take time after a project to debrief about what went well and what requires improvement.

You can use free tools and creative work-arounds until your have more cash flow.

You can lighten up and crack a joke when it feels like it's raining turds. Because clenching your fists and tangling your nerves into barbed wire clearly doesn't help.

You can create intentional boundaries around your time, privacy, and sanity (aka policies).

You can ask your kids, partner or friends for help.

You can hit publish—even if it's not perfect.

You can stop crowd sourcing your decisions and trust your gut.

You can shake it off.

You can block time off your schedule to have fun, exercise, make a smoothie or a salad.

You can be realistic about the time, energy, and interest you actually have for the items on your list and cross a bunch of stuff off.

You can break from the pack, tribe, private community, or sisterhood to take a path that feels better (even if you have to go it alone for a bit).

You can put your excess, overflow, and unloved physical things into cardboard boxes and donate them—to create more space in your life.

You can take yoga classes on YouTube.

You can manage just fine without the constant chatter of self-help advice.

You can do without from time to time.

You can invest in yourself when you're ready to commit.

You can learn how.

You can guess.

You can wake up early.

You can say, "No...I'm gonna pass. But thanks!"

You can try.

You can try again.

You can do uncomfortable things.