How To Sell More Tickets To Your Event Using Your Squarespace Website

I know the amount of effort it takes to plan an event. Whew! Not for the faint of heart! In this post I'll share some ideas to help you sell more tickets to your events by teaching you how to optimize your event planning strategy by creating an effective sales page using the Squarespace EVENTS BLOCK.

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A Simple Idea To Help Unstick Your Service-Based Business

As a service-based provider, the goal is to be booked in advance. This can feel difficult, especially if you're an introvert. In this post I share a simple idea that can help solopreneurs expand opportunities and increase cash flow in their businesses. Plus, I created a micro video to teach you how to add a pop-up form button to your Squarespace website to welcome and invite potential collaborations.

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When you discover your soulful idea has already been done by someone else and you want to cry, or scream, or throw in the towel.

I wrote this post because it's important to have a game plan for those moments when you realize someone else beat you to your good idea. Don't panic. Here's what to do instead!

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