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Getting to cruising altitude with your business can be a real challenge.

Fortunately, you don't have to do this alone.

The Simple & Soulful business design package includes everything you need to get your business going & growing online!



Physicians, nurse practitioners, or attorneys striking out on their own and setting up independent consulting practices.
Stylists, massage therapists, or healers who want to build a reputation and clientele within their community.
Start-up companies that need an impressive and easy-to-manage website that can scale and grow with their business.
Credentialed life or wellness coaches who aren't sure how to find their niche, package their services, or book clients.
Professional speakers/trainers who need a manageable way to get found and convey their personality and credibility.
Small businesses that need a professional website integrated with applications to help operate and market their business.

It's time to stop winging it.


Together we'll create more than a website. We'll design an online home that: conveys your work with integrity, attracts the right clients, helps you nurture relationships, and functions like a well-oiled business system.

Additionally, you'll learn about strategies, resources, and systems to make running the online part of your business feel manageable—because I know you want to spend your time in your genius zone (NOT fighting technology).


"What surprised me about working with you was how in-depth you went with the prep-work. I knew what I loved about my work, but I didn’t know how to translate it into a message or a look. I felt like my ideas were all over the place. I was amazed at how you took my chaos and helped me be decisive."

Triana Sanburn  |  The Massage Method

I'm not just a designer...

I'm a digital marketing strategist and professional copywriter as well.

It takes more than a pretty website to grow your business online. You need a solid foundation supporting all your marketing efforts:

  • Simple navigation and site flow based on your priorities
  • Easy-to-manage client in-take, contracts, and scheduling
  • Copy that is equal parts personality (your essence) and practicality (keyword phrases that help you rank in Google's index)

"She's passionate, authentic, and a no-nonsense type of gal! When you have a business, you need someone like her in your team. She is unstoppable and dedicated to making her clients happy and successful. The amount of work she put in and the way she cared as she helped launch my business is absolutely priceless and I could never be more appreciative."

Dr. Kimberly Jean  |  ReVitaJuve

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Refreshing support before, during, and after your site is launched.


My clients end up feeling like dear friends. This means I'm naturally inclined to look after their best interests long after their website has been launched.


Because online marketing is always evolving (which can feel very overwhelming), I'm constantly researching and testing the most effective marketing practices and integrating them into the websites I know they're a good fit for.


For thirty days after your site has launched, you'll have unlimited tech support (via video call—which feels like you're looking over a friend's shoulder).


Your website needs to evolve as you learn and grow with your business. I'll train you to use your new tools, so you'll be able to make many updates on your own. If you'd prefer to re-hire me, I offer a 25% discount on future services to business design clients.


"Deana is an absolute pleasure to work with. She’s smart, savvy, and wholeheartedly committed to the success of her clients. Her soul-centered approach, combined with her laser-sharp focus and intuitive business sense, make for a dreamy, unparalleled experience."

Jami Young  |


Everything you need to connect with your customers and run your business efficiently.

The Details...

+ Four 1-hour phone sessions complete with notes and recordings. I'll help you refine your message, package your services, and and learn some new tech tools to streamline and grow your business.

+  My signature Business Clarity Workbook to bring your revenue model, value proposition, industry niche, and goals into focus.

+ Customized logo and brand design (includes web & print versions) plus brand symbol and email signature.

+ Printable brand guide to help you maintain brand consistency across all marketing channels.

+ Mobile-friendly, search engine optimized,  7-page website that is very easy to manage and maintain.

+ Custom opt-in freebie designed for your target audience (up to five page e-book) to help you gather quality leads.

+ Custom social media banners to keep your brand consistent throughout all your digital properties.

+ Beautiful and inviting email opt-in on every page of your website. Your opt-in strategy will help you gather leads in the most effective ways possible.

+ Expert Mailchimp set-up and branded campaign templates to help you hit the ground running with your digital marketing.

+ Personalized email marketing Thank You page with a call-to-action to optimize subscriber engagement.

+ Professional, compelling copy that resonates with your ideal customers and is effectively sells your services.

+ Organized project files that include every single graphic created so you can use them on future marketing projects.

+ 1-hour personalized tech training session. I'll share my screen and teach you how to use your new tools.

+ Custom business card design files. You will use the files to order your cards at or

Your Investment:

"Working with Deana has given me deep clarity about: what I do; who my idea clients are; how to attract opportunities; and how to create amazing experiences for the people who hire me! The direct results of hiring Deana have been significant increases in interest and sales!"

Chelsea Szabo | Verbal Courage

"Your exercise that leads to discovering my personal mission statement was so illuminating for me. I spent three hours today just flowing with the Business Clarity Workbook. When I got to my mission statement I was really surprised by how easy and freakin’ accurate it was."

Laurie Rodgers  | Laurie Rodgers Coaching


Six weeks with speedy client responses.


Phone sessions will begin prior to website production.


Within 24 hours of downpayment.


50% down | 25% due production | final 25% due launch

I'll send simple tips to help you take down-to-earth action with your Squarespace website & business!

Sign up below & I'll see you on Wednesday:)