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Next, you’ll set up a call with me, Deana, so I can learn more about your project and send you a customized project quote.

A few things that are helpful to know:

  • I’m located in the MST (time zone) and take client calls in the late afternoon. My mid-mornings and early afternoons are spent in deep focus on current client projects. If my afternoon time spots absolutely don’t work for you (due to a big time zone difference), let me know and we’ll figure out an alternative.

  • We’ll kick-off your project within 24 hours (if you decide you’d like to work with us). However, actual production on your project will mostly likely start a month and a half from now. That’s because I maintain a nicely organized (and full) client schedule. Project kick-off includes: your digital welcome kit, access to your password-protected project tracker page, and the homework we’ll need you to start on immediately. There are a lot of moving parts to setting up an awesome business website (goal clarification, niche identification, copy, photos, and more!) Most of my clients need that month and a half prep time to get everything pulled together on their end. Part of your homework will include our Business Clarity Workbook which will guide you and help you make sense of how your website needs to be structured and written so it can truly help improve your business.

  • You’ll work with me on your website project from start to finish. My husband Moses, is my business partner but he works primarily behind the scenes on geeky stuff I don’t like (Google Analytics, ads, bookkeeping, business development, etc.). We also have a talented programmer on our team. His name is Jim and he helps us bend Squarespace to our will when necessary (because sometimes our clients need functionality that go beyond Squarespace’s standard features).

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