Retainer Package

Kate Fitzsimons


Plan Your Projects In Advance

Please keep in mind, there is typically a two week window before I can begin working on your project. Additionally, if we'll be sending a design off to a printer (such as or, you'll need to add approximately two weeks print time as well.

We'll set a due date, assign tasks to you, and create project files on Google Drive (if necessary) at the time of your project clarity call.

Retainer Package #1 Time Card - 8 hours

You currently have a balance of 0 hours available.

APRIL 5TH 2018  |  phone call  |  site adjustments & consulting  |  1 hour

APRIL 13TH 2018  |    load blog posts into Squarespace from Google Drive |  1 hour

APRIL 20TH  |  organized posts to category pages & added blog to homepage and nav bar  |  1 hour

MAY 2ND  |  coaching + brainstorming call for video script for new opt-in  |  1 hour

MAY 11TH  |  reviewed video script & gave feedback on pdf/video  |   1 hour

MAY 18TH  |  designed the Scripts For Parents pdf  |  2.5 hours

MAY 22ND  |  updated the pdf design, created landing page, copywriting, set up new Mailchimp list, created a placeholder email automation template for Kate to update.  |  2hours

* Hey Kate:) I went over 1.5 hours on the above projects. We can apply that toward your next retainer package.


Retainer Package #2 Time Card - 8 hours

You currently have a balance of 4.5 hours available. 

JUNE 1ST | adjusted the landing page with custom code, created thank you page, wrote marketing copy to funnel new subscribers into a sales call, adjusted the announcement bar, and coded an opt-in button that is visible everywhere on the website | 2 hours