Retainer Package

Kate Fitzsimons


Plan Your Projects In Advance

Please keep in mind, there is typically a two week window before I can begin working on your project. Additionally, if we'll be sending a design off to a printer (such as or, you'll need to add approximately two weeks print time as well.

We'll set a due date, assign tasks to you, and create project files on Google Drive (if necessary) at the time of your project clarity call.

Retainer Package #1 Time Card - 8 hours

You currently have a balance of 0 hours available.

APRIL 5TH 2018  |  phone call  |  site adjustments & consulting  |  1 hour

APRIL 13TH 2018  |    load blog posts into Squarespace from Google Drive |  1 hour

APRIL 20TH  |  organized posts to category pages & added blog to homepage and nav bar  |  1 hour

MAY 2ND  |  coaching + brainstorming call for video script for new opt-in  |  1 hour

MAY 11TH  |  reviewed video script & gave feedback on pdf/video  |   1 hour

MAY 18TH  |  designed the Scripts For Parents pdf  |  2.5 hours

MAY 22ND  |  updated the pdf design, created landing page, copywriting, set up new Mailchimp list, created a placeholder email automation template for Kate to update.  |  2hours

* Hey Kate:) I went over 1.5 hours on the above projects. We can apply that toward your next retainer package.


Retainer Package #2 Time Card - 8 hours

You currently have a balance of 0 hours available. 

JUNE 1ST 2018 | adjusted the landing page with custom code, created thank you page, wrote marketing copy to funnel new subscribers into a sales call, adjusted the announcement bar, and coded an opt-in button that is visible everywhere on the website | 2 hours

SEPTEMBER 18TH 2018 | troubleshooting for the Mailchimp automated drip issue. Wrong sequence being activated. | 1 hour

OCTOBER 6TH 2018 | set up new pages on website (PODCAST & ASK KATE). Adjusted the blog sidebar to include custom podcast button. Created podcast blog post template. Customized the Libsyn button to Kate’s brand color. Created two CANVA templates (podcast banner & thumbnail art). Tweaked the website’s navigation so despite the addition of a new page, everything is spaced wonderfully for a great (and intuitive) user experience. Also adjusted the way the navigation displays on mobile so it looks awesome. Created two tutorial videos to teach Kate how to use her podcast post template and her CANVA design templates. | 3.5 hours

Retainer Package #3 Time Card - 8 hours

You currently have a balance of 0 hours available. 

OCTOBER 8TH 2018 | created a solution to enable a scrolling transcript embed. This included updating the podcast post template and creating a template for the pdf transcript version. Also created a checklist and step-by-step video tutorial. Here’s a link to the instruction page and video. | 2 hours

JANUARY 18TH | updated the website with the list of tweaks compiled on this list. And here’s a video tour of the updates. | 2 hours

MARCH 27TH | Updated the website by adding the USA Tour page, adjusted the navigation, created a new page for the Bulanaires campaign, added a new section to the homepage for the Bulanaires video, added an announcement bar that directs people to the new USA Tour page, cropped kids photos out of their screenshot testimonials. | 3 hours

APRIL 18TH | Updated the homepage with new copy: Helping students develop response-ability.
.5 hour

MAY 9TH | Updated the site to include new speaker reel and WTBW news story. To make sure things stay neatly organized on the site (and easy to navigate) I also updated/simplified your navigation bar | .5 hour