Forget what you know about life coaching for a moment.

Because this isn't THAT.

I'm not a cheerleader or task master.
I'm not going to push you into change that goes against the grain of your personality or spiritual wiring.

Other things I'm not about:

  • positioning myself as an expert (how can I possibly be an expert on your life?)
  • promising hypey results (because I don't create any results in your life - you do)
  • prescriptions and formulas to turn your life around today (honestly, when you're up to your eyeballs that's the LAST thing you need).

My private guidance clients are on a similar path.

They are fulfillment seekers who are whip-smart and motivated to live as vibrantly as possible. They feel obsessed with aligning their inner potential with outer action, and infusing every step of the journey with gorgeous authenticity. They devour O magazine when it arrives, love inner wisdom cards, sometimes write in their journals until their pens run dry and sometimes don't write in their journals for months. They like the idea of meditating, but are pretty sure they can't sit still long enough. They eat carbs, sometimes forget to recycle, sometimes yell at their kids, and frequently debate whether to cut their bangs or grow them out. They are nurturers who fuel others until the tank is empty. They have full lives they love, but feel a persistent urge to lighten and brighten.

In short, they're beautiful human beings who desire more. More clarity. More support. More chocolate. More connection with their families, careers, and intuition. And more time for sacred self-care that feels as emotionally and spiritually restorative as as a Swedish massage.

When you have as much going on as my clients do, it can feel challenging to navigate personal growth alone because in addition to our own dreams, we have obligations, commitments, roles, and relationships to honor. Some of which feel in opposition to our sacred nudges. PLUS, it requires burning through life-long belief patterns, finding the insecurities pulling the strings at the level of subconscious, and strengthening new emotional muscles. Not easy stuff. Did I mention my clients are amazing people? Because they are.

I'm a light bringer.

I'm at my best when I'm listening intently and lovingly guiding my dreamies to their own inspiration, wisdom, and confidence .

It's an honor to be a temporary mirror to their deepest insecurities (because if you don't look into them, you can't transmute them) and a reflection of their brightest strengths (because the sooner you step into them, the sooner you can summon the courage to make the adjustments your soul is craving).

That moment, on a call, when I feel your energy unlock to let new light in?
When I sense your intensified inner-glow and excitement? 
THAT'S magic! 

It's not a sexy - my whole life has been changed in an hour - experience.
It's a subtle tweak in the kaleidoscope of your life because...

I don't believe in magic transformation pills.

A big AHA is an explosion of change that is actually the sum of millions of cracks in the shell of your awareness.

THAT'S what your sessions are. Opportunities to create cracks in your mind and expansion in your heart, so new perspectives and fresh energy can flow in at a pace that feels good for you and your life. Too much too soon would feel overwhelming and you wouldn't stick with it.

Sustainable personal evolution takes practice and support.

For that reason, my sessions are affordable (see below). I want you to think of them as down-to-earth self-care you can enjoy week after week, and month after month (if that is your choice).

People hire me when it's time.

Self-help books and group courses plant ideas in our minds, but when it's time to haul ass toward a brighter version of yourself (and you'll KNOW when it's time because the confusion of staying stuck will become reaaallly uncomfortable), then you're ready for private guidance to help you integrate the beauty of your life's lessons with a refreshed way of navigating challenge and opportunity.

I am completely in love with and devoted to my clients:

  • stay-at-home moms who juggle it all
  • mothers with high-needs kids who crave a break
  • entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed by their ideas
  • busy women who want help untangling life's logistics
  • go-getters on the cusp of birthing a business
  • almost-preneurs who are looping in self-doubt
  • corporate executives who want to love their career again
  • retired women who are ready for a fresh chapter
  • new moms who desire conscious parenting guidance
  • women navigating the soul-stretch of a divorce

I help them separate drama from truth so they can make solid, meaningful decisions about big things and little things in their lives. They bounce ideas off me, vent, explore what the really want, and take steps toward what they know is possible for themselves, with a supportive guide who is just an email or phone call away. Oh! And sometimes I send them little gifts and cards in the mail...just because.

How the journey works:


Click the yellow button below and fill out a short application. Next, you'll be prompted to schedule your free 1/2 hour call with me.

During our conversation we'll visit and ask each other questions to determine if we're a good fit. If so, we'll set up your client account.

I'll email you a contract and invoice. It takes less than three minutes to approve your package and make your payment in full.

Once I receive your payment, I'll set up your client files.

We'll work collaboratively from your files on Google Drive.

I'll send you a link to your files and a password to the private clients only page on this site. Here you'll find your pre-session homework, buttons to schedule all your calls, personal growth reading recommendations, and more!

I will continually update the clients only page with resources just for you!


At the time of your session, you'll call my private line.

We'll begin by chatting and catching up, then we'll quiet our minds and create a sacred energy space for our call with a guided meditation, next we'll get to work on whatever is coming up for you at present. There is no curriculum. I'll meet you right where you are.

Shortly after each session, I'll email you a link to your notes and recording so you can revisit the wisdom of our call anytime!

Things clients have said at the end of sessions:

"I feel so much lighter."
"It all makes sense now. I know exactly what I'll do."
"What the hell would I do without you?"

"Thank you! I needed that perspective today!"
"Everybody should have a Deana." 
(That last one made me chuckle because that would be weird for me...and everybody.)

Your investment:

4 sessions = $500
We'll meet once a week for 4 weeks.
Sessions must be used within a one-month period.

6 sessions = $675
We'll meet once a week for 4 weeks, then biweekly the following month.
Sessions must be used within a two-month period.

8 sessions = $800
We'll meet once a week for 4 weeks, then biweekly the following 2 months.
Sessions must be used within a three month period.

Things you should know:

Refunds are not given.
Money is energy. I am committed to investing my energy in you with all my heart. I promise to show up for each call with a completely open mind and clean energy field. Your highest possible good and most fulfilling personal alignment is my priority as we strengthen your connection with your wisest self. By entering into our guidance session relationship, you are mirroring that commitment by making a financial investment in yourself. 

Sessions can be rescheduled.
Because life happens:) A 24-hour notice is requested.

Your guidance journey has a timeframe.
Unused sessions within the timeframe of your package (see above) are forfeited because I intentionally work with just a handful of personal guidance clients at one time and typically have a wait list.

Your journey can continue after you complete a chapter.
When your package ends, you have the option to purchase another if you wish to continue along your personal development path.

Personal guidance services are not in any way a replacement for, psychotherapy, legal counsel, or medical advice. You are responsible for creating your own decisions and results. 


For many years now I have known that I must get my life’s work out to a more global audience.  Everytime I began the process, I would be directionless and met with heavy overwhelm, as I couldn’t imagine how the essence of who I am and what I do could be captured on a web page. I needed it to feel sincere and appropriate for my own alignment and had no idea where or how to start. So I would stop the process, and just continue building my body of work without any outlet for it to be shared or received by others.

My cry to spirit was received when a friend of mine told me about Deana and what she does. Within the first moments of connecting, I knew she was the messenger of my work, and exactly who I have been searching for.

She was not afraid of my overwhelm or my inability to capture the vastness of my work. She took it all in, and made sense of it, and even reflected it back to me so I could see myself more clearly.

Through workbooks, brainstorming, and dialogue, she helped liberate me from my own constricting paradigm of not feeling safe to be who I am. I thought I had to generalize myself and my work in order to be of utmost service, but she guided me with ease and grace to the realization that the less filtered I am, the greater the impact I can have.

Deana is so gifted at pulling all the pieces of one’s work and life journey together. She weaves it all together into an intricate tapestry of one’s purest reflection. She takes care of all the ‘I have no idea how to do that’ so that I can focus wholly on bringing my light to this world.

Heaps of gratitude, bundles of light, oceans of love,
- Tanis Fishman | Calgary

Working with Deana is life-altering.

When I started my I was overwhelmed and felt stuck. I knew it was time for change, but taking those steps created a lot of inner turmoil for me.

The biggest thing that has shifted for me is - now I trust myself and feel equipped to make decisions that serve my happiness and my purpose.

My favorite part about our sessions has been the feeling of direction that I get each time we meet. Every session surprises me. I pretty much leave every session with my mind completely blown.

As a coach myself, I can say that Deana has serious skills. But in addition to that she is a super caring and loving person.

She has helped me get where I want to be physically and mentally and has taught me how to continue on my path of self-discovery - so that I can become the highest possible version of myself!"
- Kristyn Hanquist  |  Lincoln NE

As a result of coaching with you, I have to say the most noticeable change for me is the introduction of calm back into my life. I was so easily frustrated by situations and by others’ actions.

I would be so unhappy after getting upset with my family or someone else. You have taught me how to manage my thoughts and reactions to situations. Now my days go smoother because I no longer feel the guilt from quickly snapping at someone. This is such a relief!

Another interesting change is that I sleep so much better! I used to lay awake and worry, or wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to fall back to sleep. Thoughts would spin around in my head and I would lay awake almost every night. I fall asleep so easily now and am able to go right back to sleep if I wake up.

Learning how to release my worries and thoughts when I need to has truly been a blessing.
- Kelly Gracy | San Jose CA

Deana--you’ve been amazingly helpful by giving me permission to dig deep (and not worry if I got stuck) as I aligned my business. You are kind, wise, and offer valuable support in the most loving and practical ways. If you want to be able to step out of your fear and have someone by your side during the often scary and overwhelming process of getting a business up and out online, Deana is utterly supportive, delivering answers beyond the scope of what you expect!
- Jul's Arthur

I found Deana through a colleague. I had been searching for clarity with my business idea and when I stumbled onto my friends site - I realized I had found the ONE!

Putting my business together was a journey that stretched my comfort zone so I signed up for personal guidance sessions. She asked questions, gave great feedback and recorded our conversations, which helped me get crystal clear about my role in this world. She is thorough, brilliant and can see right through me.
- Tina-Marie Meyer | Vancouver

"Deana has this amazing gift of trimming away all the excess mental clutter to leave me feeling hopeful and even excited about moving forward. She does this so naturally and seems to have such a fitting solution for whatever I throw at her. More than anything, I feel an internal shift: She's teaching me to find those solutions on my own! She's kind and real; and I am grateful to have worked with her."  
-Amy Uskoski, Spearfish SD

"Deana's humor and compassion ground you and make you feel at ease. The life-shift methods you learn from her will guide you on your journey for the rest of your life.  I am grateful that she has chosen to share her gift with the world...she has changed my life immensely." 
- Alexa Arnold, Chicago, IL

After a session with Deana I feel so much lighter. Somehow the world feels different. What's amazing to me is how this feeling ripples out into all the areas of my life to create what feels like a wave of joy that my kids, husband, and everyone I interact with want to ride with me. This truly is life changing stuff!
-- E. Chambers, Syracuse NY

I have really enjoyed working with Deana. She is authentic and helps you take overwhelming things and simplify them.  As a working mother of three-year-old twins she has helped me focus on my priorities and given me strategies to create more peace and ease with my family too!
- Sara White, Bloomington IL

Your coaching helped propel me out of an accounting job, which does NOT align with who I am, into the founder and CEO of my own company! You are a god send! Thanks for helping me co-create my reality.
- client who prefers to share anonymously

Sometimes we dive deep in our sessions so that we can untangle behavior 'imprints' that I didn't even realize were the source of the same kinds of stuff that always seems to 'happen to me.' There are moments when I wish Deana would just tell me what to do but I'm always glad she takes me through the work of uncovering my own inner wisdom because I'm learning how to trust my myself and let me tell feels good!
- client who prefers to share anonymously

Oh my gosh, you guys! Deana is the bomb diggity! She led our discussion last night and CHANGED. OUR. LIVES!!! <----------- for real!
If you need a life coach, call Deana. I'm not kidding in even the slightest little way.
Thank you, Deana, for setting us free! YAY! Cartwheels for everyone! And ice cream!

- Deidra Riggs | Lincoln NE   *a Facebook gush after I presented at a meeting for local writers

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