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Your website project is complete, however, we want you to know we are here for you and dedicated to supporting your path forward as you learn to use your new business tools.

On this page you'll find resources to help you:

  • Understand where your files are organized & what each file type means.
  • How to begin using your Squarespace blog.
  • How to use photography and create graphics for your website and blog.
  • Where to get business stationary printed.
  • Recommendations for complimentary applications & services.
  • Squarespace step-by-step tutorials.
  • How to begin using your email newsletter system, Mailchimp* to connect & communicate with subscribers.
  • How to contact us for technical support.
  • How we can help you in the future.

* You may not have hired us to implement third-party tools (i.e. appointment booking, bookkeeping, client in-take, email newsletter provider, etc.) or design your printables, so simply disregard any content below that does apply to you.

Where your files are organized & what each file type means.

Google Drive Files Simple & Soulful

Your files will remain organized on Google Drive. You may access them any time in the future. Anything we designed for you (website graphics, logos, banners, etc.) will be located in your DESIGN folder. In addition to web and print files (.png or .jpeg), you also have access to all the raw design files (.ai, .eps, or .psd). This means, if you decide to work with another designer down the road and he or she asks you for your "raw design files" you'll have exactly what you need:)

Google Drive Files 2 Simple & Soulful 

What formats to use:

.jpeg == This format is an image with a white background. Can be used for web (your site, social media etc.) and print (business stationary).
.png == This format is an image with a transparent background (indicated by a gray & white checkered pattern). Can be used for web (your site, social media etc.) and print (business stationary).
.ai == This is a raw design file that was created using Adobe Illustrator and can be used by a designer.
.psd == This is a raw design file that was created using Adobe Photoshop and can be used by a designer.
.eps == This is a raw design file. If you are working with apparel, window decal, or business signage vendors, they will most likely as for your logo in this format.

When using files for web and print, make sure to access the the files located in the appropriate folder:

Simple & Soulful File Storage Google Drive

Your Simple & Soulful project folder on Google Drive:

Immediately, we'll file your entire project into our PROJECTS ARCHIVE folder. This will not affect your ability to access your files within your shared folder on Google Drive. After six months, we'll delete that folder (to conserve storage space) so please plan to save all your brand files and any graphics you'd like to keep on your hard drive and/or (ideally) a secure external hard drive for safe keeping.

Squarespace step-by-step tutorials:

Squarespace has a filled-to-the-brim video library to help you learn how to use your new website.  



Squarespace has wonderful live chat tech support.

Anytime you need help figuring things out, you can access Squarepace Customer Care by clicking HELP in your site dashboard.

Where to get business stationary printed:

I love (My favorite for business cards).
I also adore Vistaprint. (p.s. Their phone support is AWESOME!)


5-minute video lesson


Recommendations for complimentary applications and services to help run your business with ease, purpose, and wellness:

Calendly // The appointment scheduler we adore.
ZOOM // An awesome conference line tool that is great for client calls and webinars.
Free Conference Call HD // A wonderful free conference line solution (note: does not work well for international clients).
Uberconference // The conference line we currently use for client calls because it works great for international client calls and we can share screens with our clients (great for those times when we need to explain something visually). Note: this tool does not allow you to see the other person like Skype, Google Hangouts, or ZOOM (just screens).
Mailchimp // The email service provider we use because it's free when your list has less than 2000 subscribers. Here's a great way to use Mailchimp and keep your subscribers organized per the opt-in they signed up for.
17Hats // The client in-take system we use. Be sure to use this referral code if you decide to sign up: wpgbrchbxv
Small Pdf // What we use to compress big documents (ebooks, etc.) into easily deliverable documents.
PDF Escape // What we use to turn a PDF (ebook or opt-in freebie) into an interactive experience with typeable fields.
Dropbox // Where we store our files as to not bog down our hard drives.
Google Drive // What we use to organize project files collaboratively with our clients.
Clean My Mac 3 // I can't live without this. I helps keep my Mac lightening fast.
THIS TOOL // Enables us to quickly copy an entire file structure in Google Drive. Saves us massive amounts of time setting up new client projects.
ASANA // The project management system and team collaboration tool we use to organize and streamline our workflow. 
TRELLO // Similar to ASANA, but more visual. ASANA uses lists. TRELLO uses movable cards/boards. (ASANA has announced a similar "board" feature, but it doesn't function quite as intuitively or smoothly as TRELLO—in our opinion). 
Adobe Creative Cloud // The design suite we use.
VSCO, Moldiv, WordSwag, Rookie Cam, and Photoshop Fix are great photo apps for your smartphone. Easily edit photos and create social images on the go!
CANVA // Free, easy-to-use design tool for non-designers.
YouTube // The videos we embed on our Squarespace site first live here. We use YouTube over Vimeo because YouTube is the second-largest search engine and you can remove the "YouTube also suggests" video prompts (watch this video to learn how. It's really easy). The only way you can do that with Vimeo is with their paid account.
Piktochart // This is a fantastic (seriously amazing) tool we use to create professional infographics fast. (Example).
Animoto // A crazy easy way to make professional marketing videos. // The free version will allow you to create highly visible social sharing buttons anywhere on your website.
Privy // An easy-to-use pop-up tool. If you've ever wanted to test the pop-up waters on your website, try the free account:)
Grammarly // The grammar checker that saves me from making stupid (credibility-busting) grammar mistakes. I use the free version.
Misfit // To make sure I don't sit on my bum all day. (I have a rose gold Misfit Shine 2. It's freaking fantastic;)
My Fitness Pal // To help me avoid stress-eating;) It syncs with my Misfit.
Insight Timer // The meditation app I use (on my smartphone) to start each day with calm and intention. My favorite recordings are by Sarah Blondin, Andrew Martin, or The Meditation House.

How to begin using Mailchimp to build relationships with subscribers:


16-minute mini class


How to contact us for technical support.

We offer free email technical support to help troubleshoot and fix issues that arise beyond your control.

Please note: our technical support services are not to be confused with ongoing design tweaks because you've changed your mind about certain aspects of your site. It also does not include fixing issues you created by purposefully or inadvertently altering design or CSS elements. And finally, it does not include technical support for third-party applications that we may or may not have connected to your website.

For free email technical support click below...

How we can help you in the future.


Launching your website is just the beginning of your journey. As your business and creative ideas evolve, we're here to support you with our RETAINER PACKAGE. Retainer time can be used for recorded training sessions, done for you print design, and ongoing copy/design updates to your site.

Examples of things we can help you with:

  • print design (business cards, advertising notecards, printable menu of services, event flyers, etc.)
  • website design updates
  • Mailchimp design updates and support
  • send us your first few blog posts for review & we'll make improvement recommendations
  • ongoing email support, pointing you to useful and time-saving tools and resources
  • help setting up repeatable systems so you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time
  • support and guidance in the early stages of conducting sales calls or client sessions
  • ideation and recorded instruction to use your Squarespace website more in-depth (to host webinars, sell products, etc.)


After purchasing the retainer package, the video below will greet you on your custom RETAINER PACKAGE page. Feel free to watch it for a sneak peek of how the retainer package works!


Retainer package tasks require a minimum of two weeks advanced scheduling:)

To purchase the RETAINER PACKAGE, get in touch here!