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This book was recommended to me by my dear friend Amber. At the time, I was wrestling with the frustration of feeling like every single good idea was taken.

We were sitting in a coffee shop, visiting about our businesses. I was depressed because I'd had an idea for a client offering, mapped it out, poured my heart and soul into nurturing it; and then felt the crushing (and somewhat embarrassing) disappointment of discovering someone else was already doing it...and seemingly better than I could ever hope to. 

Here's what this book brought into focus for me:

There are no new ideas:) Just iterations of existing ideas. 

What a relief. 

This book is a completely enjoyable experience. It's light-hearted, but the lessons and wisdom go right to the core in a very short amount of time. I devoured it in an hour on a quiet Saturday morning.

I hope you love it as much as I did!

Okay. Seriously. This book literally fell off the shelf and landed in my hands one day when I was wandering up and down the aisles of Barnes & Noble.

Backstory: I'm a trained life coach. I was taught The Life Coach School's Thought Model approach. I also love Byron Katie's 4 Questions (see below). Intellectually, I knew the value of feeling my feelings, but I couldn't quite figure out how to embody the actual practice of it until I read this book.

Author Tina Gilbertson breaks it down into the easiest, most simple terms. Everything in this beautiful little book is supremely down-to-earth and efficient. Honestly, it has changed the way I interact with my life. It's helped me understand what feelings are and why I'm not going to derail my happiness by having a few negative ones (I was really weirded out about that, thanks to The Law of Attraction).

As a business owner (and as a person) I think it's crucial to learn how to interact with your feelings. Because I'll tell you—from personal experience—left unchecked, they can really confuse and steamroll you. 

I'm no longer a positive thinker for the sake of positivity. That approach led me to feel pain for longer stretches of time (oddly enough). 

Now I'm cool with my negative emotions and—thanks to this book—I know how to move through them lickity split (instead of exhausting myself trying to outrun, sugar-coat, or ignore them).

Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life
By Byron Katie, Stephen Mitchell

I didn't actually read this book.

My life coach told me to listen to the audio instead. And I'm so glad I did. I'm pretty sure I would've gotten completely lost in the text. What Katie teaches is so simple, it's almost painful to comprehend. 

I was driving up to the Mayo Clinic to meet my mom. She was about to go through treatments and evaluations so we could learn the extent of her recent liver cancer diagnosis. My mind was scattered, to say the least.

I purchased the audio version of Loving What Is from Audible and listened to it the entire nine-hour drive north.

This book changed my life. Period.

Hearing Katie work through the four questions—with real people on the audio—helped the wisdom of her teachings just absorb into me. Every cell in my body felt transformed when I arrived in Rochester. I knew I had the perspective and a new set of emotional tools to navigate whatever we were about to learn from my mom's doctors.

This book came to me at the exact time I needed it.

I am eternally grateful for the experience of hearing Byron Katie's sweet voice comfort and strengthen me during a time of soul-flattening challenge. And I continue to use the four questions to navigate my life, every single day.

Enjoy! But, for sure, go with the audio version:)


Everything you ever wanted to learn about a wide range of personal development skills such as:

+ how to stop allowing your subconscious to sabotage you
+ how to break through upper limits
+ how to stop procrastinating
+ how to stop ruminating and letting unresolved feelings fester
+ how to create new routines
+ how to remove drama and overwhelm from your life

...and so much more

are covered in this brilliant little yellow book, with funny and crisp stories that make it hard to put down.

I burned through a highlighter reading You Are A Badass. I sent copies to friends and clients. I laughed so hard while reading it, my husband wondered if I was okay. I wrote a thank you note to the author.

This is one of my nightstand books. Meaning, it sits on my nightstand and before I go to bed, I pick it up and randomly flip to a page to revisit an insight.

It's as fun as it is profound.

If Liz Lemon were a life coach, her name would be Jen Sincero.

This little book is the most classic of the classics in terms of entrepreneurship. 

Let me tell you something. When you decide to make money for yourself—as your own boss—your biggest challenge will be resistance. You will resist the hard stuff, the uncomfy stuff, the boring stuff, the mundane stuff, the challenging stuff. The new stuff. You just will.

This book is the kick-in-the-arse you'll need to put on your grown-up knickers and do those things anyway.

I love Steven Pressfield's concise style. I also love his zingers like:

That moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would not otherwise have occurred.

The hardest part of my work is starting. When I'm about to jump off the cliff into a new client project, I am riddled with overthinking, which can slow me down if I don't put Mr. Pressfield's advice into action. If I find myself resisting any aspect of my daily art, I revisit this book. It helps me begin. And once I begin, things always fall into place.

This book will change how you think about your creativity and the best way possible!

His follow-up book called Do The Work! is fantastic as well!

I had heard of this book but I avoided it for a long time. For some reason I thought it was going to be the same rah rah self-help stuff I'd seen a million times over...just repackaged.

Oh my. I was wrong.

This book serves up some fascinating theories for why we hold ourselves back in ways we don't consciously realize. But more importantly, it offers down-to-earth guidance to help you expand your comfort zone (introverted, quiet types, I'm talking to you:).

I continue to use some of the questions from this book to enhance my personal guidances services and business coaching.

Chapter four offers great prompts to help one uncover and commit to their genius (you could call it your life purpose if you wanted to). That's a big issue for many—feeling like you're not on track with what is best aligned with your interests, skills, and passions; and how you can make a meaningful difference in the world.

There's another section about rooting out, detangling, and releasing our false-beliefs. This is important work, because our beliefs about our lives are—in essence—a mythology we've created, that influences how we take action and react to our circumstances.

Mr. Hendricks offers simple guidance to create a new personal mythology. Believe me, that is not an easy task and it takes practice. This book helped me understand my inner world a bit better. That awareness has been truly useful in navigating the tricky spots of my business more efficiently.

If traditional marketing guidance feels too raw and aggressive for your quiet soul, you need to get this book.

It offers a different perspective on sales; one that incorporates some powerful law of attraction techniques. However—and let me be clear on this—it is NOT over-the-top woo woo glitter. 

Even though this book helps you align your mindset and energy, it also helps you create a powerful action plan that enables you to make big shifts in your business. This book will help you:

+ narrow down your core values (which are the foundation for your business) 
+ clarify who your perfect clients are
+ understand their true frustrations and what they need you to offer them
+ set boundaries and manage expectations for your services
+ get clear about what you need to work on—to actively improve in your business

It took me months to get through this book because I'd read a chapter and then take action. Read a chapter and take action.

I'm a solo-business owner. And I'm way, way, way introverted (I don't like to label myself, but honestly, every personality test I take confirms this). What this means is—I can get lost in my thoughts very easily; and I often feel like an outsider in the online business world—which sorta feels as clique-ish and popularity-ish as high school did.

I believe this book is a soulful balm to business owners like me.

My favorite journal. Ever.

I have filled many.

It's simple. No froof. With nice big pages. Small journals make me feel claustrophobic.

The paper is sumptuous to write on (especially with my favorite pens below); and you can bend one side back over the other, to easily fill words from margin to margin (spiral bound books drive me a little nuts in this department).

I use my Eccolo to write about:

+ feelings I'm processing
+ ideas I need to marinate
+ tiny, mundanely magical moments from my day (that are wonderful to look back through. Our lives are just collections of tiny moments after all).
+ harsh words I want to scream at someone, but won't
+ quotes I stumbled upon from the mouths and pens of people waaay smarter than me
+ excerpts from books—where the words were strung like twinkling beads

And you know...sometimes I go back and tear out the pages where I've vented or dumped concentrated negativity. It's all good:)

My Eccolos are the most intimate companions for the various seasons of my life.

The best pens ever. I buy them by the box.

I'm a snob. They're all I use.

Don't judge.

Angel Cards: Expanded Edition
Angel Cards

My first experience with these cards was at a yoga class. There was a bowl of them on a little table you passed as you entered the practice space.

Before each session I plucked a card to give myself an intention for the time on my mat. It became a beautiful ritual I looked forward to.

Finally I asked the studio owner where I could get the cards. I wanted a set for myself at home.

As far as angel cards go, these are probably primer level. But that's exactly what I LOVE about them. Their simplicity is what makes them so beautifully useful! There is no need for any big riga-ma-role. I keep my set of tiny cards in a gorgeous mosaic candle holder on my dresser. If I'm wrestling with a choice, I pick a card. If I need some direction on a project, I pick a card. If I bickered with my 14-year old, I grab a card. 

Here's what these cards do for me: they help me access my own inner wisdom. They give me a spark to explore something inside myself that helps me see a situation from a new perspective. They are a simple (and soulful) tool to help refocus my energy when I'm veering into habitual auto-pilot reactions (because behavior that stems from that is rarely simple and never soulful:).

I'm sure you understand this but it bears mentioning: when you buy a product above, I do receive a tiny commission from Amazon:)


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