Retainer Package

Maureen Johnstone


We'll set a due date, assign tasks to you, and create project files on Google Drive (if necessary) at the time of your project clarity call.

Retainer Package Time Card

Friday October 27th  |  Postcard Design  |  1.5 hours
Monday October 30th  |  Postcard Revisions  |  .5 hours
Tuesday October 31st  |  Blog Post Review & Feedback  |  .5 hours
Monday December 11th  |  Client Welcome Kit   |  3 hours
Friday January 26th  |  Strengths Landing Page & Mailchimp Config  |  1.5 hours
Friday February 9th  |  Sales Page Creation for Strengths Mastery  |  1 hour

You currently have a balance of 0 hours available.