You need a website that makes your life easier and your business better.


Every client is different, so investment varies — but as a point of reference:
website packages range from $1500 to $6500.


simple business website
e-book design
marketing copy
brand & logo design
e-course set-up
email newsletter design & integration
brochure design
info-graphic design
business consulting
social media banners

Many of my clients need all the marketing things:
business clarity & how-to guidance
a logo & brand they love
a gorgeous website that's easy to use
built-in SEO
strategized & beautifully written copy
e-book freebie
email list building
branded social media banners
business cards
Throughout the project, you have always been kind, compassionate, open to feedback/criticism, and joyful. Additionally, you are impeccably structured. It’s rare to find such a great creative who is both grounded and task-oriented. My new website takes my business to the next level of professionalism. Everything is more automated, contemporary, and stylish. I love it!
— Jennifer Stanley // From Scratch Wellness

Think of me as part of your team.

An organized, friendly, I-know-exactly-how-we'll-pull-this-off part of your team.

I'll breathe fresh air into your business. Wouldn't that feel good right about now?

Deana’s approach to website design and online marketing is delight, love, and care—balanced by a clear vision and sharp execution of tasks! My old website wasn’t aligned with how my business had evolved. Deana helped me design a new brand that completely supports the message I want to evoke—on a simple and beautiful website. Because of our work together, I now understand how to attract and funnel clients into my services.
— Myriam Llano // Divine Renewal

I'll send simple tips to help you take down-to-earth action with your Squarespace website & business!

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