Squarespace Design On Demand


Squarespace Design On Demand


Who this is for:

This is for you if we designed your Squarespace site OR you've already worked with us in a previous Design On Demand session. 

Let's update your site together! We'll share our screen with you and teach you everything we know:

Things we can work on:

  • Create a new landing page (Squarespace calls them cover pages) for a new offer or advertising campaign
  • Add a new page to your existing site
  • Add new photography or graphics to a page
  • Learn how to use your blog to its fullest
  • Organize your categories & tags for easier searchability
  • Learn how to use Squarespace's e-commerce features
  • And more...

Ready to get started? Great!

  1. Click the PURCHASE button below
  2. After purchasing your hour, you'll be given access to my appointment book where you can select the best meeting time for your schedule
  3. We'll use Uberconference for the session. Please make sure to meet me HERE at the time of your session. NOTE: Please use the CHROME browser.
  4. If we'll be using new art assets, you'll need to have those organized within your Google Drive folder prior to your session
  5. You'll also want to make sure you are working in a location that has solid WIFI (to avoid connection lapses)

NOTE: Refunds are not given if you fail to be present for your appointment.

Your technology comfort level and difficulty of implementation will determine what can be completed during your one-hour session. We will make every effort to leave you with a completed implementation but as you can imagine, there are certain factors beyond our control.


Take Note:
Custom code and/or copy will not be written during your 1 hour Design On Demand session. 


If you've never worked with us, we need to get you set up with your pre-work (which is due before your session) and a shared project folder on Google Drive (where your pre-work will live and where I'll add your notes and session recording afterward).

If you are a brand new Design On Demand client, please START HERE.

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I'll send simple tips to help you take down-to-earth action with your Squarespace website & business!

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