Here's a checklist to help you create simple (and soulful) images for your blog posts.

(I've also included a list of mobile and desktop applications I recommend for non-designers to easily create images for:
opt-in freebies, Instagram graphics, ebooks, class presentations, and more!)

Deana Ward Squarespace Designer

I am so glad you're here.

This is a place of personal encouragement, website design, marketing resources and inspiration for creative entrepreneurs who desire to chart their own course in ways that feel simple and soulful.

I'm Deana. I live in Lincoln, Nebraska with my three kids, husband(and business partner), and four pets. While I used to manage a team of international software engineers that made video games, these days I work from home as a website designer, writer, and business/life coach for inspired people who want to: 

  • create and align their income around their skills, talents & interests
  • launch new websites that are gorgeous, effective, and simple-to-use
  • learn no-fuss strategies for growing their income organically, sustainably
  • navigate the fear of taking brave steps to build their soulful businesses
  • experiment with uncomplicated ideas to align with dream clients
  • use technology to enhance their connections and productivity
  • understand how to avoid fluffy marketing copy that falls flat
  • enjoy the nuts and bolts of online marketing and business (yes, it is possible:)
  • laugh and relax with a soul-sister (and brother) who's doing the hard work right along with them

Our blog is a place to find resources, how-to videos, printables (think of them as training wheels for new skills we'll teach you), client spotlight stories, and wisdom we're learning along the way. I'm so glad we connected!