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Welcome! This is a place of encouragement, website design, marketing resources and inspiration for creative entrepreneurs who desire to chart their own course in ways that feel simple and soulful.

I'm Deana. I live in Lincoln, Nebraska with my three kids, husband, and four pets. While I used to manage a team of international software engineers that made video games, these days I work from home as a website designer, writer, and business coach for people who want to: 

  • eliminate the confusion of aligning their businesses around their passions
  • launch new websites that convey the essence of of their products and services in ways that resonate with people who are relieved and delighted 
  • relax while their copy and visuals are created by a professional who takes the time to truly understand them
  • enjoy collaborating, strategizing, and bouncing ideas with a high energy, positive, organized, and knowledgable guide

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Next, I want to help you stop feeling overwhelmed about online marketing.

 Here are some great resources for that:

1. 10 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog
2. Who You Should Be Marketing To
3. What to Write About On Your Blog
4. Why You Need Categories + How To Create Them
5. How To Create An Editorial Calendar (and a peek at mine)
6. Use A Call-To-Action To Build A Whole Hearted Connection

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website developer lincoln ne deana ward

These are my real-life business and online marketing chronicles where I share tips, resources, and stories from the edge from one risk-taker to another.

I'm usually around during office hours. If you feel like chatting just click on that aqua button in the lower left corner.

Otherwise, enjoy the rest of your day!