Welcome! Because it takes more than a pretty website to grow a business, I have some free resources to help you... Enjoy!

Deana Ward Squarespace Expert

I am so glad you're here.

This is a place of encouragement, Squarespace how-to, marketing resources, and inspiration for creative business owners who are charting an independent course to happiness and success!

I'm Deana Ward. I live in Lincoln, Nebraska with my three kids, husband, and four pets. While I used to manage a team of international software engineers that made video games, these days I work from home as a website designer, writer, and business coach for creative go-getters who want to: 

  • launch new websites that are gorgeous, effective, and simple-to-use
  • learn no-fuss strategies for growing their income organically, sustainably
  • navigate the fear of taking brave steps to build their soulful businesses
  • understand how to avoid fluffy marketing copy that falls flat
  • laugh and relax with a soul-sister who's doing the hard work right along with them

My blog is a place to find resources, how-to videos, printables (think of them as training wheels for new skills I'll teach you), client spotlight stories, and wisdom I'm learning along the way.


Be sure to watch for my emails to arrive in your inbox. I send one every Friday.

They're intimate. Personal. Real. They contain thoughts and stories I don't often share on my blog (in front of God and everyone), because I'm an introvert who values deep connection over massive promotion. (I'm 100% cool with growing my business organically. Despite what gurus say, it CAN be done...because I'm doing it:) 

Of course, I'll also help you gain perspective and clarity about your life and business - so you can increase your confidence, happiness, action, and income. 

Enjoy the rest of your day!