deana ward simple and soulful

I design simple websites for soulful businesses.

I call people who truly love what they do—soulful entrepreneurs. 
These beautiful, inspired people are my clients. They would rather spend their energy sharing their unique gifts, rather than fussing with technology that sometimes makes them feel crazy.

My soulful work is simplifying the branding and website design experience so you don't have to worry about it. 

I have a unique approach that gets fantastic results because before we start the design process, we create a solid and strategized foundation based upon:

1 // Your unique value proposition
2 // Your ideal customer
3 // Your business model
4 // Your business goals and strategies

My pre-project homework literally extracts this information from your brain so I can create a website and write copy that generates leads and converts them into customers to help get your business off the ground.

I'm Deana Ward. I'm a Squarespace website expert, writer, and soulful business coach.

Why this matters:

My unique and comprehensive skills will save you time, money, and headache. I understand the challenges of building a soulful business online— what really works and what doesn't.

The other nice thing is...your project won't bounce between a lot of different hands. You'll work with one person—me—from start to finish.

I'm a little obsessive about creating websites that:

  • Are created with a fun, organized + refreshing process 
  • Have the right mix of words, images + creativity
  • Are easy for anyone to update + maintain
  • Clearly communicate your products + services
  • Integrate with efficient business applications
  • Work hard + produce real results for your business 

10 reasons we should chat about your current site:

  1. You created it yourself + are concerned it doesn't stand out.
  2. You aren't sure how to strategize your content or navigation.
  3. You dread making updates to your site.
  4. Your site is fillllllled with copy that no-one is reading.
  5. You think website design is really overwhelming.
  6. You get confused about packaging your products + services. 
  7. You've yet to find a designer who understands + listens to you.
  8. You want someone to keep you accountable + moving forward.
  9. You don't want the website creation process to take for-ev-er.
  10. Your website doesn't produce results or function as a strong foundation for your work.

This makes a BIG difference:

Besides being a website designer, I'm a life coach which means I'm really good at cutting through your confusion to get to the essence of your brand. I'm also a former project manager for a video game studio where I kept teams of artists and engineers playing together nicely and on schedule.

I'll herd you gently and keep you and your project moving along efficiently. Your project files? Can you say organizing ninja? (Because I am one).

Revisions don't freak me out.
I won't sell you things you don't need.
Turn around time is weeks, not months.
I like to laugh and have fun while we work together.

Is all of this sounding good?


I'll send simple tips to help you take down-to-earth action with your Squarespace website & business!

Sign up below & I'll see you on Wednesday:)