Kate Fitzsimons

After reading one of your blog posts about two years ago, I instantly fell in love with your personality AND your wicked knowledge of all things online business. I already had a website designer and am from Australia so I was a little nervous about working on something that means so much to me with someone on the other side of the world with different timezones, etc. But when I checked out some of the sites you'd created for customers, I knew I HAD to work with you (or forever regret it!). It's been the best business decision I've made!

I knew you were amazing at what you did, but the way you were able to take my vague ideas and endless copy, and craft them together into something that brought my vision to life seriously blew me away. Have you ever mentally hi-fived yourself for making a good decision? That was me the moment I saw the first draft of my homepage mockup. I simply couldn't have been more happy with it! Especially when in the past, I'd gotten work back from other designers and felt deflated. I was glad to get your designs and genuinely think "I am head over heels for this! She nailed it!" 

What also really delighted me was how incredibly organized you are. The way you managed our files and kept the project moving was so streamlined. There was absolutely no stress on my end. Additionally, I was surprised by the little demo videos you'd create when you needed to walk me through a strategy or help me understand something technical step-by-step!

It's clear you researched my industry (in an effort to help me stand out and book new business) because the suggestions you made about my services and the way they needed to be positioned on the site definitely took my business to another level. My bookings have picked up big time since launching my new site! And I’ve been asked to speak at a prominent event after an organizer found me online and checked out my website. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

I can honestly say that working with you was the best investment. I love that you are a sounding board for my questions. You allow me to ask about what's on my mind and then give your advice from your own experience—but in the end, allow me to come to my own conclusions and have the final say. You really helped me figure out my coaching packages and who to market them to—I feel very focused and definitely WAY more confident showing people my website and sending sales inquiry emails out to teachers to promote my presentations. 

Deana and Moses far surpass anyone I've ever hired for design, copywriting, or SEO. Not only in the final product—but in their service that is personalized with small but significant touches (like video recordings to answer questions or client pages filled with super handy resources). They go above and beyond with everything they offer—so much so that I'm definitely going to keep working with them!! They are just super lovely people.

Kate Fitzsimons  |  Youth Motivational Speaker & Student Resilience Specialist

laurie rodgers.png

When I was looking for a designer, I wanted to find someone who has business smarts but is also wise and connected to their heart. During our first phone call I felt an instant connection with you and very quickly you came to feel like a friend I've had for many years. I love the space you created for me to learn and grow during the creation of my new website.

I had read it in other reviews of your work, but was still so surprised at what a great job you did writing in my voice. You truly understand what I'm about and where I'm coming from. I also got great value from the fact that during our entire process you advocated for my customers and that helped the decision-making process immensely.

Immediately after launching my site, I heard from 100+ friends and colleagues (via FB). They commented on how inspiring it was, how much it sounded exactly like me, and how amazing the site looked.  I've had several people refer clients to me—using my site as a reference point. My site definitely gives me a credible edge.

You have so much knowledge and expertise yet, I always appreciated your openness to collaborate. Your were accommodating and flexible toward my changes, ideas, and feedback.

I just love how kind, easy-to-work-with, and professional you are.

Laurie Rodgers  | Professional Life Coach For Professional Women Who Feel Stuck In Their Jobs


I needed professional help designing a website that felt like "me." You really helped me hone my brand and positioned my services in a compelling way. What delighted me the most about working with you is your impeccable organization! You were incredibly patient with me throughout this process and your copywriting is a true gift. 

If you're looking for a kind, collaborative, and action-oriented partner to design and launch your site, Deana is hands down the right person. Flat out— she goes above and beyond what's expected to make sure her clients get a website that produces outstanding results. In the few months since launching my site, I've welcomed several new clients. What's more, I'm enjoying using my Squarespace site to make adjustments as my business grows!

Kate Walker  |  Candid Coaching Partners


Your understanding, care, attentiveness, and speed are amazing! The process of creating my new sales page was very smooth...you're equally organized and intuitive. You really "got" my business and goals—and the flow of that new page is perfect!

I think you did a beautiful job creating a sales page that feels inviting.  You wrote powerful sales copy and paired it beautiful imagery that tells an engaging story, I absolutely think working with you was a great investment.

Hillary Schneider  |  Women's Leadership & Equus Coach


Rachael Little Photography at Simple & Soulful Creative

I felt like I was just another photographer in a sea of photographers before I connected with Deana. I knew I could offer my customers a really different experience but didn't know how to SHOW this. Deana totally changed the way a potential customer experiences my work. My whole website has the feel of a guided tour. 

I really loved the worksheets that Deana had me complete to narrow my vision. After we started into the project I felt like she really understood ME and what I wanted to achieve. It was like working with a friend! She is also so amazing with words, so she found a way to make my words brief and more to the point (something I struggled with while writing website copy).

I'm a big DIY-er, so I've scoured the internet for many free resources and had done a fairly good job piecing things together to improve my business. I just felt like it was time to invest in my website and have eyes on my work that weren't family or friends. Deana was incredible at giving honest feedback and seeing things that I couldn't see!

Switching from Wordpress to Squarespace has been amazing. Everything is just EASIER — updates, blogging, big event sales, opt-in freebies, etc.  Immediately after launching, I sold ALL my spots for our annual Streetfest Mommy + Me Photos. We worked with over 62 families in two days. That was a first for me and I really feel it was because it was so easy for people to use my new Squarespace shopping cart. I've also increased my pricing and despite my concerns about this, it's only helped. Also, my SEO has been great and thanks to your training, I made an additional opt-in freebie for my blog, so my email list is growing as well! Working with Deana was a FANTASTIC investment in my business.

Rachael Little  |  Rachael Little Photography

Chelsea Szabo of Empowership at Simple & Soulful Creative.png

I always love working with you because you're not only a fabulous designer but your copywriting is amazing! You have a magical talent to take my not quite flushed out ideas, and put them into words that attract and convert customers.

There were many challenges that came up during the Empowership project, from finding 3rd party tools to support our sudden influx of participants to solving hurdles of becoming global—and through it all, you were there in the trenches with us researching and offering solutions. We couldn't be more grateful and appreciative of the ways you went above and beyond (as always).

You saved me tons of time and energy trying to do everything my own, and the final product far succeeded my expectations! Since kicking off our 1-year learning and development program, we've had 700 women register, across 60 companies and 25 countries!

Chelsea Szabo  |  Co-Founder Empowership


I just wanted to share: not one, or two—but THREE potential clients all gushed about my website over the phone this week, saying how they really resonated with my story and how it made them say, "Yes! That's me! That's what I want too." 

Plus they're all awesome people who are exactly the type of client I want to work with. So THANK YOU for helping me tell my story in such a compelling way and attract my ideal clients!

I’m just feeling really excited about my website these days and wanted to share the joy with you!

Jennifer Hennings  |  Executive Presentation Coach


I did a lot of research and Deana was the ONLY one I wanted to work with. I love her design style and ability to select the right photography. I also LOVE her copywriting. I feel like she can read my mind. She gave my company a polished voice. She was also proactive in creating easy client experiences on the site. For example, she created a digital customer intake form that has been so effective!

Deana's approach is like a breath of fresh air. I was delighted by her organizational skill and efficiency. It seemed like she'd have something new and exciting for me to look at every time I blinked my eyes!

The first week we launched the new site I attracted three new loyal clients. I am blown away by the results of the powerful website she created for me. Her approach is more friendly and helpful than any other designer I've worked with!

Marvice MacLean  |  LUMIÈRE Skin Health & Wellness Centre


I needed a modern and mobile friendly website to help grow my business and some coaching around how to use my website to my advantage. I really enjoyed how easy it was to communicate with you and that you have a very successful design and business approach that really works!

Together we created an awesome site! I love your copy, and design choices. My new website is exactly what my business needed and it's so reassuring to know I have someone I can go to in the future as my business grows.

Most importantly, I feel like I got so much more than just a website. Your willingness to share you experience with starting your business is very relatable and the resources you shared during our coaching sessions gave me so much direction.

Since launching, my traffic has definitely increased and I've had a boost in business—particularly groups asking me to speak—which is the best way for me to generate local business and reach a larger audience. I think the new site has given me an amazing credibility and confidence boost. Plus, I'm loving using it!

Karolyn Kritikos  |  Pediatric Sleep Consultant  |  Sleep & Sensibility

jennifer stanley from scratch wellness

I hired you because you came highly recommended from a friend who adored working with you.

Your bubbly, gracious personality was an absolute delight! The original idea of rebranding my website was totally overwhelming to me, so I loved how structured our plan was. I always knew where we were on our timeline and that was so helpful.

While my friend raved about your copywriting abilities, I experienced, first-hand, how masterful you are with words. In the project workbook you asked me to describe my services in more of a conversational tone rather than technical/science-based. As a result, you made the text on my website feel personable and easy to relate to. 

Throughout the project, you have always been kind, compassionate, open to feedback/criticism, and joyful. Additionally, you are impeccably structured. It's rare to find such a great creative who is both grounded and task-oriented. I felt I was in the best hands possible throughout this entire project. I think if more of us chose to show up in business with these traits, the world would be better off.

My new website takes my business to the next level of professionalism. Everything is more automated, contemporary, and stylish. Additionally, I'm getting more comments and feedback then I ever received before with my old site. I've expanded my online presence and increased my client base from the Chicagoland area to anywhere in the world. Now I can spend more time working from the comforts of my own home. I love it!

Jennifer Stanley
Certified Traditional Naturopath & Colon Hydrotherapist  | From Scratch Wellness

Cindy Lilleoien at Simple & Soulful Creative.png

I'd spent hours trying to create my Squarespace website myself. Finally I decided it was not worth the frustration and time for me to learn all of the design and technology required to create a site I could be proud of. That's when I reached out to you for help.

I was delighted by the simplicity and ease of working with you! My new site was up within days.

You did all that was promised in the most professional manner.

The result is truly lovely...thank you!!!

Cindy Lilleoien, CAE, CMP,  |  Non-Profit Consultant  |  Meeting Potential

 Hayley Collins Coaching at Simple & Soulful Creative

I loved your thorough, heartfelt and true desire to not only meet my expectations, but exceed them. The Business Design package was perfect because we were able to dive into all sorts of aspects of my business, which I think really enhanced your knowledge of my work. You took the time to see me, which is clear in the work you did because it is so me!

I feel thrilled and proud to show off my website and graphics. I know they truly reflect me and my brand, while inspiring my ideal client. Not to mention—they were designed with class, style, and the best marketing practices!

Seriously, hire Deana! She is amazing! She will guide you with an gentleness, wisdom, and upbeat attitude while creating a beautiful brand that feels authentic to you!

Hayley Collins, Coach & Consultant for Millennial CEO's   |   Hayley Collins Coaching

 Lindsay Christensen Ascent To Health at Simple & Soulful Creative

You gave my website and logo a design that fits in with my personal message and business strategy. The results are gorgeous and feel like a true reflection of my innermost goals and passions. I have come to realize that the sky is the limit in terms of what I can do with my business. I feel inspired and rejuvenated, and ready to launch full speed ahead into my business!

You were enthusiastic and a joy to work with! The wealth of information provided on your website is incredibly helpful, and this entire process was enjoyable.

This was my first time hiring a designer, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Lindsay Christensen, Nutritional Consultant & Health Writer  |  Ascent To Health

 Maureen Johnstone of RavenTree Coaching & Consulting at Simple & Soulful Creative

I wanted to work with someone who had similar values to me: realness, simplicity, and mindfulness. I was referred to you from a colleague. During our first visit, I sensed that you got me.

I expected to connect with you but I didn't anticipate that I would on the level that we did. You've become a friend and colleague that I have great respect and admiration for. I trust you completely.

I appreciate your structure for everything—the project timeline, the conversation and discussion, the option for business coaching afterwards. Your whole process is wonderful.

Working with you helped me step up in my level of credibility, authenticity, and professionalism. I am extremely proud of my logo and website. They have enhanced my confidence and my focus for my business. You've helped me become even clearer about who I coach and my messaging.

I appreciated the full continuum of services in the Business Design Package: logo, copy, website, business cards, social media banners, etc. It was a comprehensive experience which meant I didn't need to find different people to do bits and pieces. You did it all. And you did it beautifully.

I am a different person having completed this process. You gave me the confidence to grow and promote my business through the world of technology. Thank you Deana! I am so appreciative and thankful for the opportunity to work with you!

Maureen Johnstone, Leadership Coach  |  RavenTree Coaching & Consulting


kael klassen liminal roots botanica

I was blown away by the logo you created—of the tree that was so specific to the one I had described to you. BUT! I was legitimately speechless by the other logo you created—the one I ended up using. It was the symbol I envisioned at the meditation retreat, where I received the seeds for this new business.

What I love about working with you is...you listen. And you honor whatever intuitively flows through you on my behalf. I've only ever worked with one other designer, but it was a nightmare because there was no listening. I was charged for every little change even though the changes stemmed from the fact that the designer didn't listen to me. 

With you—from intake to finish—everything is seamless and feels like a true way to be honored personally and in the work I am bringing into the world.

I adore you.

Kael Klassen, Yoga Teacher, Shaman & Workshop Facilitator | Liminal Roots Botanica
* Kael is a repeat client. This project was brand design for a product line.

I hired you because several of my friends raved about the work you did for them, and I really liked their websites. 

I was surprised and delighted by the questions you asked in the Business Clarity Workbook regarding my ideal client. That was really helpful because you came at it from a few fresh angles, which provided clarity for me. Now, I also understand the importance of good copywriting. 

I really liked that your project management approach was well-outlined and systematic yet yielded customized results. Your process is effective and straightforward, and clearly well-tested.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a Squarespace site for their business. You're professional and prompt, and very clear about expectations.

Joanne Bourgalt, Dentist   |   University Heights Dental Studio

 Sarah Meehan at Simple & Soulful Creative

I decided to hire you because I saw other work that you have done previously and I was very impressed coupled with the initial consult call in which I had the sense that you were uniquely able to attune to my needs and desires regarding my website and you would be able to follow through.

I have been really impressed with your ability to be receptive to me and what I am trying to convey, to really take it in and produce design and copy that reflects that attunement and receptivity. That's a very hard thing to do. That is a natural gift you have.

You helped me convey my style and voice through my website. You also helped me streamline my brand which has helped me feel more confident putting myself and my business out in the world via my new website.

The work that I do is rooted in sophisticated psychoanalytic and psychosomatic theory and the role of a psychotherapist is a unique one. In the past I didn't feel understood by others in the design/copy field. However, I felt that you really understood and honored me. You had the unique ability to take me in and really get to know the work I do so that you could deliver something that feels aligned with who I am and who my business is.

You are pure magic. A definite gem. One-of-a-kind. I will refer anyone and everyone to you!

Sarah Meehan, Psychotherapist   |   Sarah Meehan LCSW-R


Scott Capelin Business Consultant Growth Club Syndey Australia

I hired Deana because I'd heard she specializes in developing captivating websites for business coaches and consultants—and based on my experience working with her, she definitely delivered!

The main thing that delighted about the Simple & Soulful experience is that Deana is a genuinely nice person and I felt that she cared deeply about getting me the results I wanted. In addition, she proved extremely efficient and always happy to help.

I've launched eleven successful businesses. In past projects with other designers, there were times when I felt disappointed that the end result was not in line with my brand vision. Deana quickly nailed it in the first round!

I feel that Simple and Soulful provided great value and completed my work in a very short time frame. This experience was a ten out of ten!

Scott Capelin  | Business Consultant & Mentor  | Growth Club

Deana's approach to website design and online marketing is delight, love, and care—balanced by a clear vision and sharp execution of tasks! My old website wasn't aligned with how my business had evolved. Deana helped me design a new brand that completely supports the message I want to evoke—on a simple and beautiful website. Because of our work together, I now understand how to attract and funnel clients into my services.

I found Deana to be very up-to-date in terms of online business information. She's also very organized. To support me, she'd send emails and videos packed with incredible techy (but easy to understand) information that allowed me to see beyond my website, to a bigger picture.

She held down the fort and calmly coordinated with different people on my team as we launched my new website on the same day I was en route to Bali for a conference. Her patience and kindness leaves me trusting her 100% and I definitely plan to work with her over and over as my business continues to grow!

It is a wonderful experience to work with Deana!

Myriam LLano  |  Emotional Eating Coach & Nutritionist  |  Divine Renewal™   

Kay Erickson

I was referred to Deana by a colleague and after our first call, I felt she had the knowledge and “heart” that would convey what I wanted to deliver to my clients through the website and coaching experience.

Because I am much more productive in one-to-one experiences rather than on group calls, the phone sessions made a world of difference for me. Starting each call by pausing to help center my thoughts and get into the creative flow of things was a real benefit. I also appreciate her value of my time. She was professional and always arrived prepared and ready to work.

In our sessions, Deana pulled out my ideas and offered suggestions to help me bring them alive in my work and on the website. I was also delighted to learn marketing techniques and get experienced business advice. The fact that Deana started her successful business from scratch helped me understand what it takes to grow a my private practice. Her patience and practical advice were most helpful.

I will definitely recommend Simple & Soulful Creative to my business associates and friends!

Kay Erickson  |  Certified Holistic Health Coach  |  Kay Erickson Wellness

lana wickstrom // separation specialist

Deana Ward’s exemplary customer service and her phenomenally superior product far exceeded every expectation I had when hiring a branding consultant and web designer. 

I was delighted to experience Deana’s natural and obvious capacity to transform my written words and ideas into compelling, authentic, and intimate visual representations of what I wanted—no—needed my clients to see from within my soul. 

Deana’s approach to creating my branding and website was personal, encompassing, and extremely well researched. During the process I learned new things about myself (I am an autumn personality—who knew?!?) and she gave me insights and literary tools to use when connecting with my clients. I now have a robust and healthy appreciation for the complexity and intricacy of Deana’s creative process—every color was intentional, every image representative, and every spot my words landed on was purposeful and wisely chosen.  At each stage of our work together, she shared the story behind what she had created and each time I was emotionally moved by the depth to which she cared about my project, me, and my clients. 

Deana’s personalized approach to her customer service, however, is what has permanently changed me. She has inspired me to consistently and bravely learn new and unexpected ways of serving my clients; Deana seamlessly engaged me in her creative process by adeptly utilizing excellent technology during our regularly scheduled product reviews. Honestly, when I describe my experiences and results from Simple and Soulful with other entrepreneurs who have trusted someone else to brand or develop their “baby,” I can literally smell their jealousy ;)

There is seriously nowhere else any heart-inspired entrepreneur should ever go other than Simple and Soulful. The extremely rare combination of talents that Deana and Moses possess will infuse and ignite the quality of your services and products in ways that will yield personal, professional, and financial benefits for years to come.

Simple and Soulful didn’t just give life to my branding and website, they breathed new life into me.

Lana Wickstrom  |  Retired Lawyer & Separation Specialist  |  lanawickstrom.com

I hired Deana because I saw some marketing flyers she had created for another client and just loved how well it represented her and enticed you to use her services. I asked who she had worked with and she told me about Deana Ward of Simple & Soulful.

It was so good for me to do the homework exercises and dig deep regarding my services and the types of clients I want to attract. I have so much more clarity about my coaching and workshops now. I’m also more in touch with my passion to help people transform their lives!

This is a very important stage in my career. Deana guided me gently and diplomatically during every step of the website design process and I’m delighted with the results!

Rita Connor | Life & Career Coach Live The Wow Now

kimberly jean revitajuve simple and soulful

Someone told me about Squarespace and how easy it was to use. But as I began using it, I found I was deleting more than I was adding. I felt stuck! I came across one of your YouTube videos and ultimately arrived at your site. What really attracted me were your testimonials. I could tell they were authentic and genuine. When I looked at your clients’ sites, I couldn’t wait to get on the phone with you!

You are very dedicated. I see a lot of people who say they’re dedicated to their work, but YOU you are definitely true to your word. You put so much time, thought, and consideration into helping your clients achieve their vision. I felt like I gave you nothing to go on. I gave you scrambled pieces of a puzzle; and you put it all together in a way that’s better than I could imagine!

My confidence has increased by working with you. In the beginning I was really nervous about starting my business. Now I look at my website and think, “Who wouldn’t want to hire me?! I CAN DO THIS!”

Dr. Kimberly Jean, MD  |  ReVitaJuve

I got Deana’s name from my sister who is the savviest businessperson I know. My sister has worked in marketing and PR for 30 years and knows quality work when she sees it. She was impressed by Deana’s work and of course, I was too. I found her rates to be reasonable for the level of professionalism and excellence that she provides. She makes sure nothing is missed or misunderstood—she even coaches and advises as she goes.

I work with the elderly and those at the end of their life. Deana drew from her own experiences and completely understood what people looking for help with their loved ones needed. She created a site that is professional and loving at the same time.

Every time I direct someone to my web page they immediately remark on what they see. Deana designed the site so that I look professional, but totally accessible and kind.

My website has significantly impacted my professional credibility in a positive way. Thanks Deana!! Much appreciated ❤︎

Diane Schade, NP  |  Diane Schade Geriatric & Palliative Housecalls

triana sanburn the massage method simple and soulful

What surprised me about working with you was how in-depth you went with the prep-work. I knew what I loved about my work, but I didn’t know how to translate it into a message or a look. I felt like my ideas were all over the place. I was amazed at how you took my chaos and helped me be decisive.

I love my logo and website and get so many compliments on it. In fact, I was on the phone with a YELP advertising rep recently who told me she sees a lot of massage therapist sites in this area and she’s not seen ONE like mine. I was thrilled to learn that my brand and online home really stand out!

As a small business owner, especially when you’re just getting going, it feels like there’s so much money going out compared to what’s coming in. It’s a huge investment and it’s scary. But I believe great branding is crucial. I know it’s helped me meet my new client goals for my first year with The Massage Method. Working with you has been worth every penny.

Triana Sanburn, LMT  |  The Massage Method

kael klassen at simple & soulful creative

Deana is one of those rare gems in the entrepreneurial world that is not about the fast, hard sell, but all about the authentic, true, heart-felt offering. 

From our very first consultation call to my finished e-book, Deana showed up in the most beautiful way; honoring her creative genius while authentically showcasing my heart's work. She listened, hearing and pointing out facets of myself that I wasn't even noticing, and then brought that out into the world, reflecting it all so clearly, brilliantly and beautifully. She created an e-book that is so very me. And her kindness, patience, and clarity throughout the entire process was inspiring.

When you get right down to it, working with Deana is like working with a dear friend; someone who knows you, who hears you, who isn't trying to mold you into anything that you're not but, rather, wants to shine your unique, brilliant, just-as-you-are, self out into the world on your behalf.

So much gratitude.

Kael Klassen, Yoga Teacher, Shaman & Workshop Facilitator | kaelklassen.com

Pat Stanelun DNI Group Simple & Soulful Creative

My intern and I were in the process of developing a prototype website using Squarespace so we knew the potential of the platform. However, soon into it, we hit a wall—creatively and technically. Enter Deana!

Using our original concept and framework, she elevated our efforts to a truly professional level, using all the tools we had available (but didn’t know how to use optimally!). Deana incorporated beautiful photography, engaging text, and streamlined our navigation. Now, we believe our website stands out among those of industry colleagues and competitors. And with the ability to change and add materials to the site so easily, we appreciate the fact that our new website is an evolving story of our company.  

Thank you, Deana, for your patience in guiding us through the construction of a site that reflects: our expertise in the field; our passion for our products; and our commitment to our customers—in a clear and contemporary way.  

Pat Stanelun, Marketing Coordinator  |  DNI Group, LLC

jami young rise by design simple and soulful creative

Deana is an absolute pleasure to work with. She’s smart, savvy, and wholeheartedly committed to the success of her clients. Her soul-centered approach, combined with her laser-sharp focus and intuitive business sense, make for a dreamy, unparalleled experience.

Bringing a new website to life can be an overwhelming and intimidating experience, no matter how confident and successful you are, and regardless of what stage you’re at in your business. Deana expertly guided me through every tough decision and continually inspired me to refine and expand the big vision for my work in the world. I felt deeply supported, understood, and encouraged every step of the way!

Jami Young | Rise By Design

cecilia gorman at simple and soulful creative

Wow. I'm not even sure I can put into words how amazing Deana's help has been for me. This is by far the best money I have spent on growing my speaking and training business. Every single person who has seen my website has echoed the same reaction, "This is so you."

Through her design and copy writing, Deana captured my personality, my passion and the true underlying WHY behind my motivation to create this company. Speaking of writing, this woman is one of the most talented writers I have ever come across. Deana turned my vanilla paragraphs into works of gold. Honestly I think I changed less than five words on the whole entire site; if that isn't evidence of her true understanding of my business I don't know what is!

Spending time with Deana on weekly coaching calls made a huge difference in the ideation stage of the website. Her insights from her experience with other clients were a tremendous asset to what ultimately became my initial product line. The thinking partnership I had with her made every idea I had ten times better. Not to mention she has one of the most calming voices on the planet and the hour I spent with her was a fantastic way to start my day (can I get a daily call?!).

The internet is a fickle place. People who land on your site decide in a millisecond if they want to stay and look around. Without a doubt, through Deana's savvy design and effective copy, my site is one that draws people in instantly. I know that I could not have done anything better for my business than hire Deana to get it launched!

Cecilia Gorman, Professional Speaker & Trainer  |  Cecilia Gorman Training Services

tanis fishman simple and soulful

For many years I had known that I must get my life’s work out to a more global audience. Every time I began the process, I would begin to feel directionless. I couldn’t imagine how the essence of who I am and what I do could be captured on a web page. I needed it to feel sincere and appropriate but had no idea where or how to start. So I would stop the process and just continue building my body of work without any outlet for it to be shared and received by others.

Then a friend of mine told me about Deana and what she does.  Within the first moments of connecting, I knew she was exactly who I had been searching for.

She was not afraid of my overwhelm or my inability to capture the vastness of my work. She took it all in and made sense of it. She even reflected it back to me so I could see myself more clearly.

Through her Brand Clarity workbook, brainstorming, and coaching sessions, she helped liberate me from my constricting paradigm of not feeling safe to be who I am. I thought I had to generalize my self and my work in order to be of utmost service, but she guided me with ease and grace into the realization that the less filtered I am, the greater the impact I have.

Deana is so gifted at pulling all the pieces of one’s work and life journey together—to weave it into a beautiful tapestry of images and words. She takes care of all the have no idea how to do that—so that I can focus wholly on doing the work I love.

Tanis Fishman  |  tanisfishman.com

karie kinney nourished mom at simple and soulful

I contacted Deana because I had an idea about a business I wanted to start but wasn't sure where to begin. I'd been a full time mom for many years and felt out of the loop. During our coaching sessions Deana helped me get clear about my business vision. I'd talk, she'd ask questions and take notes. Then she'd send me a recording of our time together and homework. The process felt amazing!

Another wonderful part of our journey was the personality palette design. I was blown away by her ability to capture my style so perfectly! In addition, she wrote all the words on my site and conveyed things in ways that feel truly aligned with who I am and how I can best help people. 

Deana is so positive and uplifting. She helped me break down the barriers holding me back so I could start a new chapter in my life and I'm so excited! In fact, now I'm enrolled at IIN and in July 2016 I'll be a certified Health Coach. I know my beautiful website will enable me to hit the ground running with my private coaching practice.

Karie Kinney | Nourished Mom

tina marie meyer academic life coach simple and soulful

It took a lot of guts and energy for me to finally hire Deana. Because I’m quite introverted, I had felt very alone and overwhelmed for some time. Putting my business online and being seen as an expert in my field was a huge leap outside my comfort zone (even though I’ve been working in my industry for over twenty years).

Deana has a unique way of listening. She makes you feel heard, appreciated, and understood. She joyfully validates you while gently nudging you toward your well-defined goals (which she helps you clarify).

She sees not just who you are, but who you are evolving into. After my site was live, I realized I needed to keep moving foward, so I continue to work with her. In each session we collaboratively write, plan, and take action on different aspects of my business: streamlining processes, creating class curriculum, keeping my schedule under control...plus she’s supporting me as I begin the process of content marketing (blogging) and laying the foundation for a leveraged (group) coaching experience.

I feel so empowered. Because of our work together, I have my client files set up, my templates and worksheets ready to go, my pricing nailed down, and my work-flow organized. To be able to walk into a coaching session and know I’m absolutely ready makes me feel truly confident. I’m owning what I do. No more winging it! In fact, the school system I work for took notice of the new way I do things and recently added more hours to my contract.

When you work with Deana, it’s so much more than getting a website designed. It’s an experience that positively impacts every area of your life! Truly.

Tina-Marie Meyer  |  Educator & Parent Coach & Academic Life Coach at tinamariemeyer.com

brian and cadie mcgonigal florida sun vacation rentals

We want to take this opportunity to thank Deana. She's truly one of the most creative and brilliant website designers there is. We partnered with her to create our website platform, which seamlessly accepts rental bookings and markets our growing business to vacationing guests and property owners. Since the site launched we've seen a tremendous response. Our bookings have increased and the customer experience has definitely been enhanced. We cannot thank her enough for the amazing experience and our beautiful website!

Brian and Cadie McGonagill  |  Florida Sun Vacation Rentals


I've worked with a lot of graphic designers, but Deana is the best. Most creative people are not very organized, but she is responsive, organized, always upbeat, knowledgeable and really knows her stuff.  She's a joy to work with. She makes my life as an entrepreneur so much easier! Hiring a professional is common, but hiring an amazing professional is necessary - you and your business will thank you! And did I mention, she has a gift when it comes to creating copy? I struggled for so long to come up with the right words, but she just gets it!  Thank you so much!!

Noelle Cellini | The Style Academy

I hired Deana to help me create a web presence for my consulting business that included a rebranding, expansion of services and refocus of communications. From the inception of our project, Deana was professional, collaborative, and fun. She brought a fresh perspective and solid understanding of marketing and design to everything we worked on. She made what could've been a very cumbersome project, fun and smooth running. I highly recommend Deana's services and will definitely be coming to her for future design and web services. Thanks again Deana for creating a polished yet personality-packed site for my business!

Tiffany Leslie Pasillas  |  Dreamer and Creator

Deana created a very sharp website for our sports training facility that is both inviting for young athletes and exciting for high school athletes and adults.  She did an amazing job of working around my hectic schedule and having her produce all of the content was a huge time saver! The content she wrote and how much thought she put into the design really helped articulate my business.

Now I have registration forms directly on our website, which has reduced our paperwork tremendously. Having an easy-to-use form builder means we can tailor online forms for gathering information, specifically registrations, which has been a huge help onboarding new and returning customers!

Our sleek website gives us credibility and has made our business stronger!

Josh Gannon | Competitive Edge Sports

Deana is a miracle-worker! Before connecting with her, the major feelings I had about my website were frustration and overwhelm. 

Deana helped me get clarity on my vision and decide how to implement that vision via my website. She demystified all the technical details that had me paralyzed and going around in circles, and guided me in the creation of a gorgeous website that I am really proud of.

I appreciate that I can just be myself with Deana-there's no stuffy jargon or pretense. She immediately got where I was coming from and then helped me distill my message to make it more direct and powerful. Several people have told me that the sales page she helped me create for my website is one of the best they've ever seen. 

The thing I love most about Deana is that she understands what it's like to be a small, creative business owner working to earn a living and be authentic. She gets it. Which is why she's such a gem and why I'm excited to continue working with her as I refine my vision and grow my business.

Olaiya Land  |  Milly's Kitchen

Deana is this cool combination of designer, tech gal, and razor sharp business coach all packaged into one. I hired her to help me give my website a facelift and I got WAY more than I expected. She helped me clarify my direction in areas where I felt fuzzy, gave suggestions for how to communicate what was in my head, and brought my vision together better than I imaged. I highly recommend working with Deana. She'll really get to know you, your business and helps your ideas come to life!

Sarah Papp  |  Sarah Papp Coaching

Deana is very good at what she does. She devoted herself to creating my business website and in reasonable amount of time. I am a VERY picky person and like everything just right. She did a great job accommodating me and helped me clarify my brand. I highly recommend her!

Brieanna Lebo |  brieannalebo.com

It wasn't a chance encounter that I met Deana...it was destiny. She is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met.

Deana's taste is exquisite and she has the ability to dream and discover the best way to display it. She made the process of starting a small business so much easier for me; I am so proud of my website and the final result we created together.

Kerry Denell | Be Remembered

OMG Deana! I am love love loving this!!!

Your writing and understanding of my mission and my work just blows me away. You are so genius!!

Shyla Hacala  |  shylahacala.com

I decided to hire Deana to design our site because I had seen some of her other work and knew it looked great. She has the ability to take a few simple ideas and turn them into something really creative and spectacular! We were very impressed by the way our site turned out. It looks great, is easy to navigate, and it includes all of the information we wanted in a way that is fun and fresh. Deana was always energetic, easy to communicate with, and had some neat ideas we hadn't thought of! I would definitely recommend Deana.

Casey Moeller  |  Crete Physical Therapy