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I hired Simple & Soulful because my Wordpress website was outdated and hard to navigate. It was also frustrating because I had to hire someone anytime I wanted to make simple updates.

Deana's process is so organized. Her process also aligned beautifully with the work I was doing with my business coach. Make no mistake— Deana isn't just a web designer. She is a true creative branding coach, who happens to have expertise in web design.

Deana and her team are worth their weight in gold. If you spend money elsewhere, do so at your own risk. They solved so many problems for me. Working on my website is now an exercise in productivity. When people reach out through my site, I get the information I need—where I need it. When I want to blog, I can focus on writing and not on figuring out how to even get into my blog. When I want to edit language anywhere on my sight, I can pop in and knock it out without spending major efforts to do so.

Deana is just wicked smart. She's fiercely organized—so even if you aren't—her approach is contagious. Prior to working with her, I always felt like the person I was working with was doing me a favor. They used technical jargon that frustrated and alienated me. With Deana, I felt relieved and with each call, I was getting closer and closer to launching something I would be delighted with. Mission accomplished!

Working with Deana and her team was worth every single penny!

Karen Hilton | Founder & President | TAP Executive Coaching

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I had already been using Squarespace for years—and while I was able to create a functional website myself, I was ready to take my website from functional to fantastic. I found Simple and Soulful Creative via an online search and really liked the visual and written content on their website. They seemed to really understand how to market a small business in the online world.

From the get-go I was impressed with the level of organization and ease of communication—two very important qualities when entrusting someone to help you create and build a brand and online presence.

I had a vision for my brand and website and prior to working with Deana I’d hired other freelancers to help me bring it to fruition. Unfortunately the project always fell flat. I loved how Deana made sure that she truly understood my business and vision before starting her design process. Without a doubt, the decision to hire her was an excellent investment. My business has been thriving more than ever since our new website went live. We’ve experienced a definite increase in website traffic, client inquiries, and new customers. Additionally, we get many compliments from friends and strangers about the welcoming vibe and ease of experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat and I refer my friends and colleagues whenever I get the chance.

I whole-heartedly recommend hiring Simple and Soulful. They were such a joy to work with and I could not be happier with the beautiful results and the many ways that my business has benefited. I wish I had found them sooner and I can't wait to work with them again on my next project. Honestly, I truly loved everything about working with Simple and Soulful! I am so very proud of the work we did together. Thank you for bringing my vision for the website to life!

Dr. Liz Orchard | Founder & Owner | Be Well Natural Medicine

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I hired Simple & Soulful Creative to design my Squarespace website because I was drawn to Deana's simple, stunning style as well as her easy and caring way of working with clients. During the process, I really enjoyed talking to her—which helped clarify what I wanted to say about my business. The words she chose about my work made me see myself in a new light! I wished I could talk to her more!

Deana is a gifted designer and copywriter. She easily creates a trusted space for her clients to be their most authentic and best versions of themselves. As a solopreneur, it's easy to get isolated (sometimes even discouraged) and forget who you really are and why you are in business in the first place. Deana will not only help you rediscover your core purpose but she will shift things into precise focus and help you see your path forward in a new and exciting way!

My project took a bit longer than originally expected, but that was not Deana's fault. I greatly appreciated her patience with me as I struggled to figure out how to how to define and present my services.

I've always been a DIY-er, but I am grateful that I got help with this one. My website looks 100X more professional because of it!

Melissa Seipel | Career Coach & Leadership Consultant

Jennifer Stoeckert Minimal Beauty Simple Soulful Creative.png

I decided to hire you to help me with my affiliate store design, SEO support, and blog consulting because your website explained everything so well and I love that you offer such a broad amount of services in one place. Plus I had Googled something regarding Squarespace SEO and your site popped up first—so it was a positive sign about your SEO services.

I absolutely love your organized process and educational style of working with clients—from the emails, to scheduling meetings, to the fantastic training videos. As a result of our work together, I now have a better understanding of SEO and Squarespace. I am finally able to build out the affiliate shop I’d been trying to create. Additionally, my blogging process is much more streamlined (and strategically optimized).

I’m much more confident in my abilities to manage my site and grow my brand visibility moving forward. Now that I have a better handle on how Google and SEO works, I’ve been able to make specific updates to my site. I’m very excited about the future of my site because I finally have a strong understanding and foundation to build from.

I’ve worked with many mediocre computer services and consultants in the past that cannot even compare to Simple & Soulful. With those experiences, I was often left with confusion, wondering what I had even paid for. Alternatively, Deana and Moses’ services included thorough implementation, Q&A phone meetings, template designs, organization recommendations, tip sheets, and training videos. Everything provided was top notch and I couldn’t be happier.

Simple & Soulful will exceed your expectations because they truly excel in the field of Squarespace design. They provide streamlined services and it is such a pleasure to work with them. They are creative, timely, helpful, and I’m beyond happy with the SEO and affiliate store design we’ve completed in phase one of my project. I’m a very hands-on business owner and the work we did thus far was just what I was seeking. I highly recommend their services and look forward to working with them again as we redesign the rest of my website.

Jennifer Stoeckert | Founder, Minimal Beauty


I hired Simple & Soulful because their website sold me! It worked to get me to book a free quote instantly. Before I even talked with Deana on the phone, I felt confident about their website design and marketing services.

All the little videos along the way—to share progress on the design and to explain certain things—made the impersonal aspects of online interactions feel personable and fun! What’s more—whenever I got stumped on content, colors, design, or SEO, you guys had the perfect solutions!

I'm 100% pleased with all the work Deana and Moses did to get our new website launched with a much better marketing strategy and a consistent brand style that captures the essence of our business beautifully. I would definitely recommend them without reservation and am excited to keep working with them. Next up…the optimized blog post template and printable business materials!

(Two weeks post-launch, we received this additional note from Tara) I wanted to tell you that I just got an email over the weekend from a nurse midwife reaching out to collaborate after being wowed by our website! Such a treat to have her reach out to us!! ;)

Tara Anderson, L.Ac., FABORM | Founder Fertile Spring Reproductive Acupuncture

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We hired Simple & Soulful because our business is in rapid growth mode and we needed an updated website to reflect and assist us with our new position in the marketplace. Besides solving the problem of an unattractive website (we are in love with our new look), your company helped organize our site so it’s easier to navigate and speaks more directly to our target market. We’re also very appreciative of your helpful suggestions that will enable us optimize our future marketing efforts. This redesign was definitely a worthwhile investment in our company's future.

Our team was delighted and surprised by the video explanations and easy-to-follow tutorials—which made it easy to understand the design changes to our site and also how we can continue to improve our search engine results in the future.

All the tasks in our project timeline were carefully completed with absolute transparency. And when we requested changes, our feedback was happily accepted and the adjustments were implemented quickly.

You will never have a more seamless transition to a new and improved website. Hiring Simple & Soulful is like hitting the easy-button when it comes to excellent website design.

Jennifer Kustudia | Marketing Director | High Conflict Institute


Working with Deana was amazing from start to finish. She perfectly captured my vision and made the BEST website of my dreams!!! Her creation is better than anything than I could’ve imagined. Thank you Deana for making my business and website dreams come true!

Megan Hatfield | Holistic Health Coach & Youth Nutrition Specialist | Marin Teen Wellness

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I interviewed multiple designers but decided to hire you because you were a great match for my business philosophy and creative aspirations. I also loved your wonderful portfolio of completed website projects.

I was totally delighted by your amazing creativity, complete attention to detail, thorough organizational skills, commitment to collaboration, genuine passion for your work—and simply being one of the nicest people I have met in business.

Working collaboratively—using cloud-based technology for file organization and concept sharing, online scheduling, and video conferences—all of this contributed to an efficient process and was surprisingly easy to use during the project.

You solved several problems for my business. The most significant was branding. My website is completely professional, elegant, well-organized, and has totally captured my business and brand. My logo is both meaningful and timeless. I couldn't be happier!

Since launching the new site I have received numerous compliments and, in conjunction with our marketing activities, it has contributed significantly to an increase in online inquires. My sales have increased which has elevated my confidence and helped my clients feel confident in my business as well.

This was my first time working with a designer and I must say—you have set the standard for excellence. I have no desire to look elsewhere for these types of services.

Mercedes Hernandez | Founder | Gorgeous Glow Skin Center


I hired Deana to write the copy for my website because it’s obvious she really understands authentic copywriting. She creates a human connection but also knows how to sell.

Working with Deana solved a huge problem for my business—my site had been a dead zone because I hate writing for myself. I’m an excellent strategist and designer, but strategy doesn't matter if you can't convey the right message.

This was a refreshing experience compared to other copywriters I’ve worked with. The last copywriter I hired had HER style and that’s how she wrote. There was nothing authentic about it for my website and it didn’t feel right. Deana’s approach and process is different. She gets inside your head and is able to write in your voice. I was delighted by how easy it was to get good copy that really reflected my business and me. I can't believe how long it took me to make a decision and hire someone—it was so worth it!

One week later Tori sent this note—Just got an easy sale thanks to my new website! Purchased some high-end pillows over the phone and needed to give my email address. He looked up my site and 20 minutes later we've got a big project booked :-) 

Tori Cox | Tori Cox Consulting

Karen Morales | Marketing Magnet

I hired Simple & Soulful because they design the best looking Squarespace sites around. I was completely delighted that we launched on time and the site looks fantastic! Additionally, the copy is spot on. They even threw in a few extras like: a blog template that we can easily duplicate (which streamlines our content marketing), an opt-in pop-up, and assistance hooking up our email newsletter system! So appreciated!

This was an amazing investment for Marketing Magnet. In the few days since launching, our site visits have increased and we’ve definitely received compliments.

I've built websites with every major agency in the US—projects worth over $1M and I can honestly say this was the easiest, best managed process I've ever had. Thank you!

Karen Morales | Founder & Owner | Marketing Magnet

Chuck Schroeder Fine Art Simple & Soulful Creative

Simple & Soulful was recommended by a trusted colleague.

Deana was especially interested in understanding me and my new enterprise before we ever got into the tech side of things. That foundation is reflected in the very personal quality of my new website.

Working with Deana solved the huge problem, "How do I build a high quality website for my new art business without having to learn from a zillion of my own mistakes?" It was an excellent investment for Schroeder Fine Art.

The site has created legitimacy for my work with prospective and existing clients, as well as a high quality presentation of my body of work for consideration by those who might host an exhibition. We have booked three new exhibitions in the next twelve months since launching the site!

The design process was simple and much more personally engaging than what I’ve experienced from past designers and consultants. Past design experiences I’ve had have been more along the lines of, "Here's a wonderfully creative design we think you should like. Take it or leave it." Working with Deana is like working with a trusted friend rather than having to be constantly wary of a contracted adversary. If you've worked with enough consultants, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Chuck Schroeder | Artist | Schroeder Fine Art

Lia Love Avellino | Psychotherapist NYC | Simple & Soulful Creative

I was referred to Simple & Soulful by someone I trust because I wanted an easy and transparent website design process.

Deana balances candor with care. She was direct, clear, and made me feel like my thoughts and desires mattered. I appreciated how she was able to create what I wanted even before I knew exactly what that was! Prior to working with Simple & Soulful, I felt overwhelmed and intimidated about creating a logo and professional website. Deana’s questions, ideas, and insights helped me clarify how I want to present myself online. The process was collaborative, efficient, and most importantly it felt GOOD.

I’ve gotten stellar feedback on my website since we launched. And I notice that I feel proud to share it with others.

One of the reasons I wanted a new website was to create a single cohesive story and message about my multidimensional consulting, writing, and practitioner services. Deana was able to achieve this effortlessly with the design and the written content.

My site has been shared widely and people have responded with many compliments on the professionalism, ease in navigation, and high quality design. In fact, one of my employers is using the site to share with potential sponsors about my professional identity.

If you want support and guidance in how to present your brand online, Simple and Soulful is the answer. Each conversation with Deana, email exchange, and personalized tutorial video makes you feel like you’re an absolute priority.

From start to finish, this experience was amazing!

Lia Love Avellino | Psychotherapist & Writer NYC | lialoveavellino.com

Michael Karlsrud | Karlsrud Company | Simple & Soulful Creative

Simple & Soulful was a recommendation from a friend who also does websites and social media work. I hired Deana because in the In the end, I like Squarespace and Deana is a rockstar!

I’ve worked with other website designers and this experience differed greatly. First, the ease of conversation and tightness of the process was very efficient. We simplified my old website dramatically while adding in many new features that my previous guy was not interested in doing. Instead of focusing on "bells and whistles" my new site feels like it’s built on foundational marketing strategies that are meant to drive action and response.

I think it’s so important to work with someone who really understands your vision and listens to what you want to accomplish. If there is a disconnect, you will not get the end result you’re seeking. Instead, you’ll just get an expensive website.

Working with Simple & Soulful was a necessary (and great) investment for Karlsrud Company. We needed a rebrand and are thrilled with the end result. Since launching, we’ve seen an increase in traffic! You should hire them:)

Michael Karlsrud | Executive Business Coach & Speaker | Karlsrud Company

Collette Feldmann Reveal Visuals Simple and Soulful Web Design

I found Simple & Soulful Creative via Squarespace and loved their portfolio work. I’m happy to say, Deana and Moses exceeded my expectations in understanding my goals and style; and the way they integrated technology in the workflow process was wonderful. I really appreciated the great communication, creativity, listening, and follow-through.

I could not be more pleased with my revamped website!

Collette Feldmann | CEO Reveal Visuals

Ginette Kort Medical Medium Simple Soulful.png

I researched a lot of web designers and connected with Deana's beautiful work. After watching some videos and reading her blogs, I knew we would be a good match.

Deana has a magical, intuitive ability to connect with her clients and make their vision come to life. It's as if she was reading my mind :) I am absolutely thrilled with the copywriting she did for my website. Not only did it save me tons of time but her writing is beautiful, clear, and sincere. She is super organized and made the whole website process stress-free for me. But on top of all her amazing skills—she is a genuinely nice person. I wish we lived near each other so we could hang out!

I was considering designing the website myself but knew it would take way too much time (plus I didn't really know what I was doing). I was so happy to hand off my ideas to someone I trusted and really liked. It was exciting to watch everything come together.

I've gotten so many compliments on the website since it has launched. "This is the most beautiful website I have ever seen." —that was the best compliment so far!

It was very important for me to work with someone that would really listen and hear what I wanted in my website. Someone that would "get me" and understand my vision. Boy…Deana exceeded all my expectations! I love my website!❤

Ginette Kort | Medical Intuitive | Bioindividual Nutrition Practitioner | Holistic Health Coach

Valerie Erde ACT SAT Test Prep Expert Simple Soulful.png

I hired Deana and Moses because I liked that they offer the whole package: great design skills, copywriting ability, business savvy, and SEO knowledge.

You really can't divorce the copy from the design and the business goals; they go hand-in-hand. I could tell from their own website, samples of their work, and subsequent phone conversation that Deana and Moses got that. Websites aren't just pretty paintings; they need to help you achieve your business goals. I felt that the Simple & Soulful team really understood that. (Not all designers do.)

What delighted me about the process and result is how well Deana was able to translate my rambling answers to her "homework" questions (and sometimes the inner workings of my brain), into the essence of what I was hoping to communicate to my audience in both a verbally and visually compelling manner. I also loved how well organized Simple & Soulful's process was. It made it easier for me to stay on task, and it also inspired me to make some improvements in my own business processes, which will become even more important as I grow. Last, I thought it was fantastic the way Deana made short instructional videos to teach me how to use my website so that it could truly be a turnkey website—which is exactly what I wanted.

Though I've written business copy before, I don't think I'm particularly good at it, didn't really know the current thinking about website copy, and I just really didn't want to do it. It would have taken me hours, and I probably still would not have a website today! Deana just took my project brief answers and notes and ran with it. She also helped solve website navigation issues that, at first, didn't always have obvious solutions. She was always ready and willing to help me think through these kinds of decisions, which go way beyond just simple design decisions.

I have gotten so many compliments on the site from former clients and new/prospective clients for whom my website is a first "touch point." Having such a professional, well-written, and well-designed site has enabled me to expand my marketing efforts.

Simple Soulful is one-stop-shopping in the very best sense of that term. You can hire separate copywriters and designers, but that makes the whole process more difficult because often the copy dictates the look and vice versa. I really liked that Deana marries the two skills, plus adds her strong business acumen to the mix. She also clearly pays a lot of attention not only to producing a beautiful and professional end-product, but also the process of getting there. Not many designers do that.

Just hire them, period. I had interviewed other designers, but none of them had the whole package the way Deana does—of great design skills, copywriting ability, and business savvy. It's probably one of the best experiences I've had contracting creative work—or any kind of work.

Valerie Erde | ACT & SAT College Test Prep | College Essay Counselor | Strategic Education Consultant

Master Luthier Kilin Reece Simple Soulful.png

I hired Simple & Soulful because I was impressed by the excellent reviews. I also enjoyed the seamless experience moving through their website and winding up on the phone with Deana.

What really delighted me about working with Deana was her exceptional and clear communication! Her process is smooth and well thought out. I found it very easy to learn and work with her.

Since my new site has launched, I’ve seen increase traffic and sales. You can’t go wrong with this team!

Kilin Reece | Master Luthier | Acoustic Instrument Expert | Historical Consultant

Sally Zimney This Moved Me Podcast at Simple & Soulful Creative

I decided to hire Simple & Soulful Creative because they had this refreshing combination of 'getting it' from a technological and design perspective—and also being totally down to earth, funny, and kind. They made me feel that all of my (high!) expectations and hopes were absolutely on-target, super do-able, and that they could deliver in a reasonable amount of time, without totally breaking the bank! (What?!). It was such a relief to hire them.

You delighted me because you kept going above and beyond. You cared about my business. I would throw you ideas, and you took them seriously and integrated them when you could. Working with you was not just a transaction—it was a relationship. 

My site was set up to increase subscriber conversions, so I'll be excited to watch those numbers grow in the months to come. 

I loved the personalized approach. Your video trainings kept us on track and respected my busy schedule.

Normally, creating a website is a time suck—and it was a HUGE relief to find a team who could do it all. Your expertise, artistry, generous spirit, and commitment to doing excellent work is so worth the investment!

I've gotten lots of compliments in the few days since we launched the new site. You guys are fantastic!

Sally Zimney  |  Host of This Moved Me  |  Professional Speaking Coach  |  Founder of MoversU


I hired you because I was impressed by the elegant design of your sites and by how they are specifically tailored to the marketing needs of a business owner (instead of a bunch of cool-looking but impractical stuff). I am amazed by how thorough and organized your process is. From the intake form to the clients-only resource page, you really seem to have thought of everything. I also appreciate your high level of transparency and willingness to share your resources. I'd never worked with a web designer before, so it was great to be able to generate the vision collaboratively and then have you produce a high quality product. Also, you sourced a developer for the custom coding we needed on the About Us page, which is something I'd previously tried to do myself, to no avail. 

I really appreciate your structured, systematic, organized approach. Very professional. Also, you were attentive and responsive at every stage! 

We have gotten a bunch of compliments on the new site! Thanks a lot! 

Dr. Jonathan Horowitz  |   SF Stress Director and Owner, Licensed Psychologist 

Annie Frisbie.png

I decided to hire you because I loved your website—the design and style resonated with me and I knew you would be able to create the vibe I was wanting.

Working with you was absolutely a good investment! I think the visual experience is so important when you are providing services. I feel like people can now see very quickly why they would want to buy from me, and also because the website looks so good they have confidence in what I can provide for them.

I really enjoyed how seamless the design process was. I also loved the personalized instructional videos you created for me! I am totally planning to start doing that with my customization clients. It was so nice to hear your voice and see it all in action.

If you're considering hiring Deana and Moses, you will truly feel personally cared for from start to finish. And you'll end up with a website that works for you and your goals. The client homework they assign is comprehensive and I can clearly see how all of my wishes were incorporated into the site.

Less than two weeks after launching the site, I was honored with an award from the professional association in my industry that covers the entire United States—it's an incredibly big deal! I feel like the confidence I got through working with you on this project definitely played a role in helping me get to this point. Thank you for everything!

Annie Frisbie  |  Professional Lactation Consultant, Business Coach, and Author

Natalie Stopka | Gimme The Books | Simple & Soulful Creative

Simple and Soulful was a referral from a friend who has hired them a few times and expressed the simplicity of working with them. During my initial call, the process appeared to be simple and well-organized. The strategy and timeline are set-up from the beginning—which I find to be one of the main keys to their success.

I'm based in Chicago and I loved that we were able to accomplish this all remotely. During my project, both Deana and I experienced some personal struggles with ill family members that made it necessary to take a short pause. Talking on the phone, on a personal level, helped refuel each other to get to this magnificent end result!

The big problem that was solved by working with Deana and Moses is—finally, my online presence and message is right on point. The feedback I've gotten on my new website has been amazing!

This was the first time I hired a professional and you can definitely see the difference. The project prework (which is a workbook that helps you explore yourself and your business) helped me realize exactly what I want and gave me the ability to communicate my vision. During the design feedback calls, Deana shares her screen so you can collaborate and edit in real time—which I LOVED!

If you're on the fence about who to hire for your website, all I can say is hire Deana and Moses. You truly won't regret it!

Natalie Stopka  |  Virtual CFO  |  Gimme The Books

Kristin Schroeder.png

I hired Simple & Soulful because of Deana's warm nature, helpful insight, and obvious expertise! I was delighted and surprised by how well the team took my vision and turned it into website reality. My website turned out infinitely better than anything I could have hoped to create on my own.

I feel that choosing Soulful and Simple to design my website is the wisest investment I've made in my business to date. It helped me tremendously to have their expert guidance and external accountability to accomplish this project. After seeing the final product, I felt a tremendous weight lifted and genuine excitement to share this new business with the world—the end product was perfect! Additionally, the design process was very well thought out from start to finish.

I've received many compliments and am confident knowing that I have an excellent site to direct people to!

When you work with Deana and Moses, you can move your business forward with confidence! Your future self will be grateful you hired them:)

Kristin Schroeder  |  Financial Planner & Coach

Al Jabbar Riddle.png

You all run a business—a simple but really soulful one—with immense structure and attention detail. I have hired freelancers and small agencies in the past, but they all underperformed in relation to their work product or outlook. With you guys, I felt a full-on commitment to my project, as if I was your only client for a short time. This feeling was immeasurable, and one that I truly appreciated.

Working with you was a great investment and one I plan to further in the near future. I'm enjoying compliments and confidence!

I was really delighted by the support I received after the final payment was proffered.

If you're on the fence about who to hire for your website, just schedule a consultation...then decide!

Al Jabbar Riddle, Esq.  |  Compliance Attorney also Tidy Teks

Laura Calandrella.png

I decided to hire Deana and Moses because they were able to provide me with a holistic solution—website design, branding, opt-in and copywriting—with a deep expertise in Squarespace. They also offered a straightforward timeline with defined milestones that we could begin and complete within weeks, not months.

I was delighted by Deana's eye for detail and for her ability to translate my work into an aesthetic that is warm, inviting, and feels deeply personal while also working with me to meet the level of professionalism expected by my clients. I am also in love with how you translated my opt-in into a resource that is beautiful, valuable, and brings immediate results for my clients and subscribers.

Working with you was a great investment for my business! I had been in business for two years without an operational website. Before I hired you, I had a sense of where I wanted to go but was feeling pretty stuck for how to bring it to life without completely depleting myself. You were a great partner to provide inspiration, motivation, and accountability in getting me moving again. In some ways, I feel like I may have been a difficult client because my work isn't very typical and often hard to explain. You were an excellent partner and great listener as we built the site together.

Most of my business is by referral, so having my site live has greatly increased my confidence in being able to direct potential clients to my new site. It's so wonderful to have my website working for me instead of endless emails, phone calls, or explanations that have been easily bypassed with something as simple as the contact form.

Personally, I don't think you can effectively convey the story of your business without having the branding, website design, and copywriting walk hand-in-hand with one another. The fact that you provided an integrated solution and understand the value of the interplay between those three elements ultimately resulted in a cohesive "narrative" that I can be proud of. I love that you freely share your wisdom, expertise, and resources!

If you're looking for an end-to-end solution that can translate your brand into something beautiful and practical, Simple and Soulful Creative is it. They provide a one-stop shop for all the elements that a business needs to be a credible, inspiring resource for potential clients. The wealth and breadth of knowledge contained within their team is deep. They are fun to work with and generous in sharing what they know in service of helping you accomplish your business objectives.

Laura Calandrella  |  Executive Coach & Conservation Consultant

Stephanie Smith Consulting.png

I decided to hire Simple & Soulful thanks to a referral from a friend who had worked with Deana and Moses. My website was overdue for a makeover! What surprised me about the process was the wonderful and attentive customer service! I felt that at any time, Deana was available and happy to help. She and Moses really care about their clients and about doing quality work. I also sensed a lovely, heart-felt connection when we first "met" over the phone. Deana is a great partner and listener. She provides her advice with conviction and is also open to the direction the client may want to go. Since launching my new website, I've gotten many compliments! People love it and have told me it's gorgeous, classy, elegant, and a total reflection of me. I'm grateful for that and give the credit to Deana. She quickly understood my aesthetic. Deana also worked with me to ensure the copy was reflective of my voice. She got it there beautifully. 

Hire them! I'm very happy I did! They'll listen and work with you until it's there. It's worth the money!

Stephanie Smith-Ejnes  |  HR Consultant & Executive Coach

Regina Vogel.png

I had never had a website designed before. What I really liked is that you made the whole process simple to understand for people who are not into web design at all. This was a journey of clarifying my message and getting really clear on how to present my services. I appreciate that you were willing to tweak design and copy here and there even if at first you were skeptical. I've received a lot of compliments on my new website. People like the energy that resonates from it. I like the credibility that the website gives me!

Regina Vogel, Ph.D.  |  Leadership Coach 

Kate Fitzsimons

After reading one of your blog posts about two years ago, I instantly fell in love with your personality AND your wicked knowledge of all things online business. I already had a website designer and am from Australia so I was a little nervous about working on something that means so much to me with someone on the other side of the world with different timezones, etc. But when I checked out some of the sites you'd created for customers, I knew I HAD to work with you (or forever regret it!). It's been the best business decision I've made!

I knew you were amazing at what you did, but the way you were able to take my vague ideas and endless copy, and craft them together into something that brought my vision to life seriously blew me away. Have you ever mentally hi-fived yourself for making a good decision? That was me the moment I saw the first draft of my homepage mockup. I simply couldn't have been more happy with it! Especially when in the past, I'd gotten work back from other designers and felt deflated. I was glad to get your designs and genuinely think "I am head over heels for this! She nailed it!" 

What also really delighted me was how incredibly organized you are. The way you managed our files and kept the project moving was so streamlined. There was absolutely no stress on my end. Additionally, I was surprised by the little demo videos you'd create when you needed to walk me through a strategy or help me understand something technical step-by-step!

It's clear you researched my industry (in an effort to help me stand out and book new business) because the suggestions you made about my services and the way they needed to be positioned on the site definitely took my business to another level. My bookings have picked up big time since launching my new site! And I’ve been asked to speak at a prominent event after an organizer found me online and checked out my website. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

I can honestly say that working with you was the best investment. I love that you are a sounding board for my questions. You allow me to ask about what's on my mind and then give your advice from your own experience—but in the end, allow me to come to my own conclusions and have the final say. You really helped me figure out my coaching packages and who to market them to—I feel very focused and definitely WAY more confident showing people my website and sending sales inquiry emails out to teachers to promote my presentations. 

Deana and Moses far surpass anyone I've ever hired for design, copywriting, or SEO. Not only in the final product—but in their service that is personalized with small but significant touches (like video recordings to answer questions or client pages filled with super handy resources). They go above and beyond with everything they offer—so much so that I'm definitely going to keep working with them!! They are just super lovely people.

Kate Fitzsimons  |  Youth Motivational Speaker & Student Resilience Specialist

laurie rodgers.png

When I was looking for a designer, I wanted to find someone who has business smarts but is also wise and connected to their heart. During our first phone call I felt an instant connection with you and very quickly you came to feel like a friend I've had for many years. I love the space you created for me to learn and grow during the creation of my new website.

I had read it in other reviews of your work, but was still so surprised at what a great job you did writing in my voice. You truly understand what I'm about and where I'm coming from. I also got great value from the fact that during our entire process you advocated for my customers and that helped the decision-making process immensely.

Immediately after launching my site, I heard from 100+ friends and colleagues (via FB). They commented on how inspiring it was, how much it sounded exactly like me, and how amazing the site looked.  I've had several people refer clients to me—using my site as a reference point. My site definitely gives me a credible edge.

You have so much knowledge and expertise yet, I always appreciated your openness to collaborate. Your were accommodating and flexible toward my changes, ideas, and feedback.

I just love how kind, easy-to-work-with, and professional you are.

Laurie Rodgers  | Professional Life Coach For Professional Women Who Feel Stuck In Their Jobs


I needed professional help designing a website that felt like "me." You really helped me hone my brand and positioned my services in a compelling way. What delighted me the most about working with you is your impeccable organization! You were incredibly patient with me throughout this process and your copywriting is a true gift. 

If you're looking for a kind, collaborative, and action-oriented partner to design and launch your site, Deana is hands down the right person. Flat out— she goes above and beyond what's expected to make sure her clients get a website that produces outstanding results. In the few months since launching my site, I've welcomed several new clients. What's more, I'm enjoying using my Squarespace site to make adjustments as my business grows!

Kate Walker  |  Candid Coaching Partners


Your understanding, care, attentiveness, and speed are amazing! The process of creating my new sales page was very smooth...you're equally organized and intuitive. You really "got" my business and goals—and the flow of that new page is perfect!

I think you did a beautiful job creating a sales page that feels inviting.  You wrote powerful sales copy and paired it beautiful imagery that tells an engaging story, I absolutely think working with you was a great investment.

Hillary Schneider  |  Women's Leadership & Equus Coach


Rachael Little Photography at Simple & Soulful Creative

I felt like I was just another photographer in a sea of photographers before I connected with Deana. I knew I could offer my customers a really different experience but didn't know how to SHOW this. Deana totally changed the way a potential customer experiences my work. My whole website has the feel of a guided tour. 

I really loved the worksheets that Deana had me complete to narrow my vision. After we started into the project I felt like she really understood ME and what I wanted to achieve. It was like working with a friend! She is also so amazing with words, so she found a way to make my words brief and more to the point (something I struggled with while writing website copy).

I'm a big DIY-er, so I've scoured the internet for many free resources and had done a fairly good job piecing things together to improve my business. I just felt like it was time to invest in my website and have eyes on my work that weren't family or friends. Deana was incredible at giving honest feedback and seeing things that I couldn't see!

Switching from Wordpress to Squarespace has been amazing. Everything is just EASIER — updates, blogging, big event sales, opt-in freebies, etc.  Immediately after launching, I sold ALL my spots for our annual Streetfest Mommy + Me Photos. We worked with over 62 families in two days. That was a first for me and I really feel it was because it was so easy for people to use my new Squarespace shopping cart. I've also increased my pricing and despite my concerns about this, it's only helped. Also, my SEO has been great and thanks to your training, I made an additional opt-in freebie for my blog, so my email list is growing as well! Working with Deana was a FANTASTIC investment in my business.

Rachael Little  |  Rachael Little Photography

Chelsea Szabo of Empowership at Simple & Soulful Creative.png

I always love working with you because you're not only a fabulous designer but your copywriting is amazing! You have a magical talent to take my not quite flushed out ideas, and put them into words that attract and convert customers.

There were many challenges that came up during the Empowership project, from finding 3rd party tools to support our sudden influx of participants to solving hurdles of becoming global—and through it all, you were there in the trenches with us researching and offering solutions. We couldn't be more grateful and appreciative of the ways you went above and beyond (as always).

You saved me tons of time and energy trying to do everything my own, and the final product far succeeded my expectations! Since kicking off our 1-year learning and development program, we've had 700 women register, across 60 companies and 25 countries!

Chelsea Szabo  |  Co-Founder Empowership


I just wanted to share: not one, or two—but THREE potential clients all gushed about my website over the phone this week, saying how they really resonated with my story and how it made them say, "Yes! That's me! That's what I want too." 

Plus they're all awesome people who are exactly the type of client I want to work with. So THANK YOU for helping me tell my story in such a compelling way and attract my ideal clients!

I also want to thank you for making your web design process so transparent. You did a FANTASTIC job making a complex process seem clear and easy. You were efficient and effective in onboarding me as a client, keeping me in the loop every step of the way, and making sure I knew how to use my wonderful website and all its parts once we wrapped up. So...thank you AGAIN for being awesome! You are truly a gem. 

Jennifer Hennings  |  Executive Presentation Coach


I did a lot of research and Deana was the ONLY one I wanted to work with. I love her design style and ability to select the right photography. I also LOVE her copywriting. I feel like she can read my mind. She gave my company a polished voice. She was also proactive in creating easy client experiences on the site. For example, she created a digital customer intake form that has been so effective!

Deana's approach is like a breath of fresh air. I was delighted by her organizational skill and efficiency. It seemed like she'd have something new and exciting for me to look at every time I blinked my eyes!

The first week we launched the new site I attracted three new loyal clients. I am blown away by the results of the powerful website she created for me. Her approach is more friendly and helpful than any other designer I've worked with!

Marvice MacLean  |  LUMIÈRE Skin Health & Wellness Centre


I needed a modern and mobile friendly website to help grow my business and some coaching around how to use my website to my advantage. I really enjoyed how easy it was to communicate with you and that you have a very successful design and business approach that really works!

Together we created an awesome site! I love your copy, and design choices. My new website is exactly what my business needed and it's so reassuring to know I have someone I can go to in the future as my business grows.

Most importantly, I feel like I got so much more than just a website. Your willingness to share you experience with starting your business is very relatable and the resources you shared during our coaching sessions gave me so much direction.

Since working with you, my website has seen some wonderful traffic. I'm on page one in Google searches...without having written a single blog post! I consistently get compliments on my website both from clients and other entrepreneurs, and have stayed as busy as I can handle with two preschoolers  at home (consistently 3-6 clients at a time)."

Karolyn Kritikos  |  Pediatric Sleep Consultant  |  Sleep & Sensibility

jennifer stanley from scratch wellness

I hired you because you came highly recommended from a friend who adored working with you.

Your bubbly, gracious personality was an absolute delight! The original idea of rebranding my website was totally overwhelming to me, so I loved how structured our plan was. I always knew where we were on our timeline and that was so helpful.

While my friend raved about your copywriting abilities, I experienced, first-hand, how masterful you are with words. In the project workbook you asked me to describe my services in more of a conversational tone rather than technical/science-based. As a result, you made the text on my website feel personable and easy to relate to. 

Throughout the project, you have always been kind, compassionate, open to feedback/criticism, and joyful. Additionally, you are impeccably structured. It's rare to find such a great creative who is both grounded and task-oriented. I felt I was in the best hands possible throughout this entire project. I think if more of us chose to show up in business with these traits, the world would be better off.

My new website takes my business to the next level of professionalism. Everything is more automated, contemporary, and stylish. Additionally, I'm getting more comments and feedback then I ever received before with my old site. I've expanded my online presence and increased my client base from the Chicagoland area to anywhere in the world. Now I can spend more time working from the comforts of my own home. I love it!

Jennifer Stanley
Certified Traditional Naturopath & Colon Hydrotherapist  | From Scratch Wellness

Cindy Lilleoien at Simple & Soulful Creative.png

I'd spent hours trying to create my Squarespace website myself. Finally I decided it was not worth the frustration and time for me to learn all of the design and technology required to create a site I could be proud of. That's when I reached out to you for help.

I was delighted by the simplicity and ease of working with you! My new site was up within days.

You did all that was promised in the most professional manner.

The result is truly lovely...thank you!!!

Cindy Lilleoien, CAE, CMP,  |  Non-Profit Consultant  |  Meeting Potential


I've worked with a lot of graphic designers, but Deana is the best. Most creative people are not very organized, but she is responsive, organized, always upbeat, knowledgeable and really knows her stuff.  She's a joy to work with. She makes my life as an entrepreneur so much easier! Hiring a professional is common, but hiring an amazing professional is necessary - you and your business will thank you! And did I mention, she has a gift when it comes to creating copy? I struggled for so long to come up with the right words, but she just gets it!  Thank you so much!!

Noelle Cellini | Professional Stylist and Health Coach  (Repeat Customer)


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