Client Launch (part 1) // Myriam Llano

Myriam LLano Squarespace landing page design by Simple & Soulful Creative.

Myriam was referred to me by the amazing Nisha Moodley, who crossed paths with me via the work I did with Jami Young. Whew! Say that three times in a row:)

Anyway, I'm so happy we met because Myriam is just a delight. Besides an uncanny resemblance to Selma Hayek, she is the sweetest, smartest, most spiritually vibrant mind/body nutritional guide you'll ever meet. When you speak with her on the phone, her soft voice simply melts you. And her kind wisdom unravels the best possible way. Like a hot bath. Her personal journey with eating disorders has given her a sense of compassion and clarity that are powerful in helping her clients access their inner wisdom to create meaningful change in their lives. 

Myriam and I are currently working on a logo redesign, website overhaul, and all around copy makeover—to bring her online home into alignment with the next phase of her amazing coaching practice. 

While her site launch is a few weeks away, she conducted a tele-summit interview early this month; so I made sure she had a lovely landing page ready to welcome newcomers (from the summit) into her world.

Divine Renewal Squarespace landing page Simple & Soulful

To get Myriam ready for her summit, we worked on these specific items:

  • Created a landing page that speaks to her ideal clients: spiritually minded women who are tired of dieting and want to make peace with their bodies while healing themselves of deeply rooted emotional issues such as eating disorders.
  • Designed a thank you page—where new subscribers can easily download her free workbook (which is a beautiful treat—you're invited to grab one for yourself:).
  • Set up and branded her Mailchimp account.
  • Created a simple—click-of-a-button—way for potential clients to schedule a consultation for her coaching services.

Feel free to learn more about Myriam and check out her landing page right here.