Business consulting, tech training & idea implementation for online entrepreneurs.

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When you're your own boss, it can sometimes feel lonely and overwhelming. It's really easy to get lost in your ideas and end up spinning your wheels—doing more analyzing than actual implementing. Sometimes you need an extra brain and an experienced outside perspective to help you create a solid plan. We'll help you troubleshoot, strategize, and align key areas of your business.

Start getting the results you know are possible!


Ever wish someone would tell you exactly what to do?

So you could stop guessing. Stop crowdsourcing decisions from friends. Stop changing your mind.

Stop making excuses.

For three months, you'll have our full attention as we help you take inventory of your ideas, goals, and opportunities. With us by your side, you'll stop dinking around and start getting things done. We'll help you make a plan and break it into little doable nuggets of completion. We'll also give you a behind-the-scenes peek at our business and share the resources, templates, strategies, and step-by-step timesavers that helped us grow Simple & Soulful into a sustainable business from the comforts of our home in three short years.


"I feel so empowered. Because of our work together, I have my client files set up, my templates and worksheets ready to go, my pricing nailed down, and my work-flow organized. To be able to walk into a coaching session and know I’m absolutely ready makes me feel truly confident. I’m owning what I do. No more winging it! In fact, the school system I work for took notice of the new way I do things and recently added more hours to my contract."

Tina-Marie Meyer, Personal Growth & Relationship Coach


A few things we can help with...

  • Identify your customer niche so your message is on point
  • Strategize and implement a sales funnel that works
  • Brainstorm, create, and integrate a new opt-in freebie
  • Learn the exact tech tools you need to have in place
  • Get hands-on training in marketing areas you feel weak
  • Learn how to use Squarespace as a powerful business tool
  • Take smart action getting your new business off the ground
  • Learn the ins and outs of successful content marketing
  • Untangle your packages and pricing to make more sales
  • Set up systems to streamline and automate your business
  • Create a schedule that fits your personality, goals, and values
  • Become a more strategic and engaging content creator

This is not a one-size-fits-all curriculum. It's a flexible journey tailored to fit you!

Just starting out? Wonderful.
Been at a while and ready to take things up a notch? We've got you.

Here's what you can expect...


Within 24 hours of hiring us, you'll receive a Welcome Kit that outlines exactly how we'll work together. Your kit will also include a Business Profile worksheet. This is a diagnostic tool to help us understand where you're at and how we can best help you.


We'll research your industry, competition, and audience. Our goal is to understand your business inside and out, to help you make the smartest decisions possible so you can move your business forward toward profitability.


We'll work together for three months. The first month, we'll meet weekly for one hour at a time. For month two and three, your hourly calls will take place bi-weekly. Each session will happen via our screen-share conference line. After your session you'll receive an audio recording as well as notes and a checklist to be completed before your next session. Between sessions, you'll enjoy unlimited email support.


During your first session we'll identify your priorities and create a plan to get you moving in that direction as quickly and easily as possible. We believe the best plans enable you to flex and flow with opportunity as it unfolds (due to the new action you'll be taking). Your plan will be dynamic, collaborative, and practical. It will be built around your personal strengths so it will feel natural and exciting.


Your results will be in proportion to your motivation and follow-through. To get the most out of your investment, you'll need to commit to taking action even when you feel nervous—especially when you feel uncomfortable stretching outside your current comfort bubble. We'll hold you accoutable, keep you organized, and share our best, most supportive insights. If you do the work (and we'll be by your side every step of the way), you'll see a positive and profitable shift in your business.


"I expected to connect with you but I didn't anticipate that I would on the level that we did. You've become a friend and colleague that I have great respect and admiration for. I trust you completely. Working with you helped me step up in my level of credibility, authenticity, and professionalism. You've helped me become even clearer about who I coach and my messaging. I am a different person having completed this process. You gave me the confidence to grow and promote my business through the world of technology!"

Maureen Johnstone, Leadership Coach


Business Consulting for online entrepreneurs ready to get clear, get a plan, and get things done.

- 3 month consulting package -



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