"Since working with you, my website has seen some wonderful traffic. I'm on page one in Google searches...without having written a single blog post! I consistently get compliments on my website both from clients and other entrepreneurs, and have stayed as busy as I can handle with two preschoolers  at home (consistently 3-6 clients at a time)."

Karolyn Kritikos, Sleep & Sensibility


Our secret SEO sauce?

We are a top RATED Squarespace SEO Agency-We design comprehensive SEO strategies that work.

If you've hired us to build your site, you already have a strong SEO foundation to build upon. We'll help you take it up a notch with a strategic content marketing plan, making it easier to get found, connect, and engage. If someone else created your Squarespace site and you've discovered it's more fluff than horsepower, we'll conduct a thorough diagnostic audit and create a customized plan to course-correct with powerful dynamic content and keywords designed to increase traffic and sales.


We'll login to the backend of your site and use our comprehensive Squarespace SEO checklist to discover which settings aren't configured properly. We'll make immediate corrections.


We'll use our SEO keyword research tool to get a thorough understanding of your industry, audience, and search trends. We'll create a list of keywords to be strategically worked into the content on your site and 10 power-packed blog post titles to help jumpstart your editorial marketing plan.


Based on your business goals and our research, we'll follow best practices to prepare your site for submission to Google Search Console which includes optimized page names, search-friendly permalinks, keyword-rich page descriptions, and image tags.


The internet is enormous and your website cannot do it alone, it needs your consistent dedication to dynamic content. We'll create an editorial calendar for you to follow that will help you strategize, write, and implement your blog content from start to finish—on a regular basis.


Sustainable SEO takes time to ripen. Many companies make inflated promises but Google consistently changes its algorithms to level the playing field and penalize people trying to game the system. If you want your site traffic to grow at a consistent pace, you'll need to take consistent action with strategized content that is helpful, interesting, and engaging. We'll teach you to think like a smart marketer and publish accordingly.


We'll work with you for six months on a bi-weekly basis to keep you accountable and moving forward. If you commit to the discipline of taking action, by the end of our time together your website analytics will show a significant increase in well-qualified traffic. You'll also have adopted the mindset, habits, and streamlined systems of a small business owner who understands and utilizes the power of content marketing to grow your subscribers, inquiries, sales, and profits.


What could one...two...three or more new clients mean for your business each month?


"Months later, I still use my blog writing strategy—which asks great questions to help me write thoughtful and more personable blog posts. I'm getting more comments and feedback then I ever received before with my old site. I've expanded my online presence and increased my client base from the Chicagoland area to anywhere in the world. Now I can spend more time working from the comforts of my own home."

Jennifer Stanley, From Scratch Wellness


This is for you if...

  • You're an established business owner who has made at least $5000 in sales.


  • You're ready to invest in increasing your skill-set and digital foot print to take your business to the next level.


  • You're willing to override your social media shyness and start promoting your content on specific channels.


  • You're not afraid to step out from behind your computer and take advantage of networking and promotional opportunities within your community.

This is definitely not for you if...

  • You stubbornly avoid practical marketing principles in favor of gimmicky rapid-growth tricks.


  • You feel too scared to use at least one (preferably two or more) social media platforms. (We'll help you identify the right channels for your business).


  • You make excuses about getting organized and working a plan with discipline, consistency, and enthusiasm.


  • You're brand new to business and haven't yet gotten a clear understanding of your marketing demographic (through your own experience, research, and sales).

Squarespace SEO Consulting

Your investment will vary depending on the size and scope of the project.


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