Squarespace Announced A New Blog Duplicating Feature (and oh-my-god-you'll love it)!

Squarespace recently announced a new feature that enables you to duplicate your blog posts. Why this is such a good thing for Squarespace lovers and Squarespace newcomers. And how to use it!

Now you can streamline your blog publishing process by duplicating previously published blog posts (and sprucing them up with new content).

Squarespace made an announcement this week.

They created a solution to a problem many of us have been (complaining about) begging for—for a very long time:

Now you can clone your Squarespace blog posts.

Streamline your blog publishing process by using Squarespace's new DUPLICATE feature for: blog posts, events, products, and galleries.

If you’re a devoted Squarespace user, you probably already love the PAGE DUPLICATION feature, which is a wonderful way to streamline page production. Page duplication is especially useful if you have a group of pages with a similar layout.

For example:

You may have three different pages for each of your services.

When setting up those pages, there is no need to reinvent the wheel with the design of each of those pages.

In fact, it’s helpful to your website visitors if you keep those pages arranged similarly. Here's why. Because—as your viewers navigate your website, you want them to get an intuitive feel for how to quickly find what they want as they move from page to page. Having wildly arranged information on each page of your site, means your viewer has to slow down and think about where to find what they’re looking for.

Before this week, duplicating blog posts, events, products, and galleries was not possible. Every time you wrote a new post, you needed to start from scratch.

Not anymore.

Shave time off your blogging process with Squarespace's new duplication feature.


You can take a previously published blog post and create a copy of it.

This is great for three reasons:

1 // It can streamline the time it takes to upload a blog post.

You can set a post up once and then wash, rinse, repeat. It’s easier to swap out photos, copy, tags, categories, excerpts, and thumbnails than it is to think about all this stuff from ground zero.

2 // It can help you develop your blog publishing muscles.

If you’re going to exert the effort to publish on your blog, you may as well infuse each post with SEO goodness—so your content can ripen in the internet sunshine. That means there’s a lot to think about, like: breaking text up with subheads, adding categories and tags, spacing content by adding photography with meta-descriptions, writing a blog post excerpt, remembering to give the post a thumbnail, etc. One the hardest things my new blogging clients struggle with is remembering all the steps to publishing a post. By DUPLICATING a post (provided you took the time to tie up all those little loose ends the first time around), you have a visual map of exactly what needs to be filled-in, adjusted, added, and updated.

3 // It can simplify the way you write.

When you have a roadmap, you can keep it simple. If you’re like me, you have a tendency to overcomplicate things if you’re not careful (Simple & Soulful is more than a business name. It’s a mantra. A way of life. A reminder to reign things in when I start to bloat my ideas into overwhelming messes). By duplicating a well-constructed post, you can plug new content into a structure that already exists—as opposed to rambling down the page with loosie-goosie abandon.

You can also duplicate events, products, and galleries.

And this means you can experience the exact same type of ease and efficiency in your CALENDAR,  STORE, and PHOTO LAYOUTS! (That's right. High five!)

I hope today's post helps seasoned Squarespace users free up pockets of time in their day (because time is the ultimate luxury, no?). And I hope it inspires new Squarespace users to publish more frequently (because fresh content on your blog is so helpful to your business).

P.S. If you're a business owner / new Squarespace user and you'd like an encouraging friend to run alongside as you get over the wobbly, training wheel phase of blogging for your business, click the button below. I offer personalized consulting and tech training to business and Squarespace newbies who need to get their buns in gear with their content marketing. Staying stuck because you don't know how; procrastinating because it's easier to take another e-course; and avoiding blogging altogether because if-you-don't-look-it-in-the-eyes-maybe-it'll-just-go-away...these are secretly expensive approaches to business.  I can help you:)