How To Create Your Very First Video For Your Blog Or Website


Many of our clients are speakers, consultants, and coaches. In other words, they make their living teaching and leading by example.

A great way to do this is through video.

BUT...if you've never ever created a video for your website before, it can feel scary and beyond what you think you're capable of.

Today's video guidance is for you if:

  • You're an absolute beginner who's doesn't know how to create a video for your website or blog (but secretly want to).
  • You're a Mac user (in this video I'll walk you through an application called QuickTime which comes preloaded on Mac systems). PC users check out the recommendations here.
  • You aren't sure what your first video should be about.
  • You've overwhelmed yourself into thinking your first video needs to be Oprah quality.

Why video?

Because people want to feel like they know you before they remotely consider hiring you. When they can hear your voice and/or see you as you generously offer your assistance or insights, your personality comes forth and this builds trust.

Another reason it's good to get going with video is because if you aspire to teach workshops and elevate audiences, you can do that in a very leveraged way by hosting live classes on your website, on Google Hangouts, or on Facebook Live. Here's a brilliant example of how one of my favorite entrepreneurs does it. The sooner you get your first video out of the way, the closer you'll be to your speaking goals.

A great idea for your first video:

I recommend creating a screen capture video where you walk viewers through a document.

I know what you're thinking...snooze!

BUT WAIT! What about adding a video to your Thank You page?

You have an opt-in freebie to give to new subscribers, right?

And your new subscribers go to your Thank You page to download it, right?

Why not add a short video underneath the download button where you guide newcomers (quickly) through the document and say something like...

"I know you're busy so I wanted to personally and quickly show you the main things to focus on. If you take only two things away today, I hope they are these two things because honestly, they really helped me (add a result  here)."

When someone generously helps you save time by boiling things down to their essentials, don't you just love them for it? Your Thank You page video can have that effect on people. Instant likability. Instant trust. You'll probably help create an engaged subscriber:)

Other ways you can use screen cap videos on your website:

+ Shortcut the learning curve when onboarding and educating new clients.
+ Demonstrate a product or service.
+ Explain complicated things visually.
+ Offer a guided meditation.
+ Introduce yourself and your business on your About page.
+ Recap a blog post.
+ Share before and afters.

...the list is endless really.

Okay, so ready to learn how to create a simple screen cap video? No complicated editing software required? 

We hope you give this a whirl. You'll be amazed at how much easier it is than you realize.
When you're ready to embed your video onto your website, follow this quick tutorial where I'll teach you the exact steps.

Here's to taking baby steps creating videos to bring your blog and website to life!