Feeling Stuck With Your Business Is Normal. Staying Stuck Is Optional. (video)


Ever feel like you're not cutting it with your business?

Ever feel like you're behind, alone, and sucking wind while everyone else seems to be launching and winning?

Ever feel insecure about your lack of knowledge, guts, or quiet personality?

These sorts of (very natural) insecurities and low points are normal. I swear! However, they have the potential to take us down and keep us stuck.

Today Moses and I turned on the camera for an honest conversation about what helps us get through the tough times in our business because:

Getting stuck is normal. Staying stuck is optional.

The idea for this video happened after a recent meeting with my BRAINTRUST (a couple business friends I meet with regularly where we help one another troubleshoot our businesses from various perspectives).

I arrived at the last meeting wrestling with an issue that Moses and I had turned over and over and were beginning to feel frustrated about.

The BRAINTRUST weighed in and afterward I remarked,

"It's weird. Nothing has changed yet, but I feel such relief because at least I can see this differently now."

Sometimes that's the game changer when we're stuck—the ability to see things differently.

So today, we decided to flip on the camera and share some perspectives and ideas to help you see things differently in your business. 

Hope it helps!

And if you'd like our outside perspective with your business, we'd be happy to work with you on the phone to help you feel some relief from your confusion and take fresh action. Learn more about our consulting right here >>