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How I Became A Better Writer

If you have a business, you need to write.

Blog posts, emails, project quotes, video scripts, hand-outs. Oh my!

And not to freak you out, but the way you write can give you credibility or...not.

If you don't fancy yourself a writer OR if you love to write so much that your blog posts, emails, and lead opt-ins turn into rambling word carnivals (I fall into this camp:), then these guidelines will help.

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How To Set Up Your Branded Email Address (Squarespace + Google Apps)

Marketing is all about creating connections and growing a sense of trust between yourself and those you connect with. Don't make things 50 times harder by having an amateur email address. Luckily my dear soulfulpreneurs, setting up your branded email account is really easy to do and today I'll show you how with a tutorial video (because I find us to be a visual learner bunch)!  P.S. I've even included some troubleshooting tips in case you run into problems:)

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Important Lessons From My First Nine Months of Business

As a brand coach and website designer I talk to a lot of solopreneurs who are stuck in indecision and fear about their businesses. I was too. Until I couldn't afford to be. In this post I share how I started my business (out of necessity after I lost my full-time salary), how I aligned it with who I truly want to be (which was a departure from what I thought), how I learned what to charge for my services, and what I remember when I think I'm not good enough. It's a raw account of my first nine months figuring out my business and some powerful lessons I had to learn the hard way:)

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